The FlyOver Las Vegas is Open Now!


FlyOver Las Vegas- The Ultimate Flying Ride

Violet Flanagan, Features Editor

An exciting new ride called the FlyOver has opened on The Strip. Open since September 1st, the FlyOver is virtual reality and features a 55 foot screen that offers the unique sensation of flying over Vegas as well as landmarks all around the world.

Located next to the Hard Rock Cafe, the ride has two different experiences to choose from. “The Real Wild West” flies over famous locations from the past and present of the American southwest, including Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona. 

“Iceland,” on the other hand, explores volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and the rush of flying over the entire country of Iceland.

“Buckle in for the ride of a lifetime,” reads “Experience the magical feeling of flight through immersive, state-of-the-art technology that lets you dip and dive across awe-inspiring landscapes, all without leaving The Strip. You’ve never felt a rush like FlyOver.” 

The FlyOver is different from other roller coasters or shows people can see on the strip, and is made with new technology that gives people the feeling of genuinely flying over the world. Jack Kenn, the manager of FlyOver Las Vegas, explained how it works. 

“As you’re sitting in the chair, the movement of the chair – we have 6 points of axis, those points will move you with the film,” he said. “The concept is that you are the head of the bird and the machine is the wings. So you literally feel like you’re flying like a bird through all of these places.” 

One of the most exciting things about the FlyOver is that through VR, riders get to experience historical events, or events that happen so rarely it’s unlikely they’ll ever see them in real life. 

In “The Real Wild West” experience, people get the chance to witness a dual flood gate release that only occurs once every 11 years at the Roosevelt Dam, a Hualapai traditional “Bird Dance” in the Grand Canyon, and even a solar eclipse over a volcanic peak in Oregon’s Cascade Volcanic Arc.

Riders can even watch 65-foot waves crashing at the Lost Coast, and explore Yellowstone National Park in the winter. 

Head to for more information, tickets are on sale now! A single ride is $34 for adults and $24 for children 12 and under. For participants wanting to complete both rides, tickets run $54 for adults and $38 for children 12 and under.