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JustServe is a website that helps connect community members to nearby service projects.
JustServe: Find Volunteer Opportunities
Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor • May 26, 2021

Service is always needed in the world. When students choose to engage in community service, they are helping those in need and have the opportunity...

Area 15
Bevan Benton Builds
May 22, 2021
Guess the Teacher
Guess the Teacher's Playlist
Matthew Boughter, Journalist • May 11, 2021

Everyone has their go-to playlist, including teachers. The game is simple: Every month a playlist belonging to a certain teacher will be shared...

Mr. Mars, the retiring principal at Shadow Ridge
Photo By: Mrs. Smith
Mars is Shooting for the Stars
Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief • May 26, 2021

Although many people haven't been to school in person for a while, Robert Mars, the now retiring principal at Shadow Ridge,...

The One and Only Wizard of the Website
Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief • May 26, 2021

This year has been a difficult and strenuous year for many, but in the cases of particular students, it has been a time to shine. The Lariat...

Mr.Nighswonger in his infamous banana shirt.
Best Dressed at The Ridge? Mr. NighsWRONGer!
Anthony Ford , Athletics Editor • May 26, 2021

Mr. Matthew Nighswonger's fashion choices have been causing some buzz around the Shadow Ridge campus. Nighswonger's wardrobe has brought both...

This is an image of the front of Shadow Ridge High School
Winning With WiFi
Katy Daley, Journalist • May 26, 2021

Shadow Ridge has just installed brand new WiFi, to help staff and students have better internet connection during the 2021-2022 school year....

Shadow Ridge
Marching to the Beat of a New Drum
Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor • May 24, 2021

The Shadow Ridge Marching Band is buzzing with excitement over the new equipment it will be using next year. They have received an all new drumline...

The Best and the Brightest
The Best and the Brightest
May 17, 2021

Mrs. Gibo with her students
Goodbye Gibo
May 15, 2021
Golf Ace: William Dexheimer
Golf Ace: William Dexheimer
Anthony Bracha, Journalist • May 26, 2021

Senior William Dexheimer has an incredibly bright future in the golf world. He has been playing at Shadow for the past four years and is...

Stosich works on improving her form in hurdles
Stosich's Time to Shine
Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief • May 15, 2021

It takes a lot of grit and determination to become truly great at one event in track and field, but to become a phenomenal athlete in multiple...

Aiyanna Castro (left) and Bella Hawkins (right) show their shopping cart full of donations.
Hawkins Helps the Community
Mallory Priest, Journalist • May 8, 2021

Miss Nevada Queen in Action is Shadow Ridge’s very own sophomore Bella Hawkins. Hawkins and her friend, Aiyanna Castro, America's National...

Arthur Anderson and Mikeala Berg after a swim meet in Misquite
Arthur Anderson: Making a Splash on the Swim Team
Marley Martinez, Journalist • May 2, 2021

Junior Arthur Anderson decided to join the Shadow Ridge Swim Team during his sophomore year because he wanted to surpass his older brother who...

Final Exam Schedule
Final Exam Schedule
Claro Bacaltos, Layout Editor • May 1, 2021

These are the hosts of The Safe Place Podcast, Lorena Clinton and Miyana Santos.
The Safe Place Podcast
Mallory Priest, Journalist • April 30, 2021

On February 5th, 2021, Lorena Clinton and Miyana Santos, juniors, started a podcast, in their closet, where the listeners can be their authentic...

Soriya Ritchie sells bucket hats on Instagram.
Buckets For Fun
March 14, 2021
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