• January 5Congratulations to Coach Nighswonger, who was selected as this week's "Las Vegas Raiders Tom Flores High School Coach of the Week!"
  • January 5Congratulations to Marissa Ruiz and Renee Dexheimer for placing 1st in the Women's division at the Doubles Tournament on Dec 28th!
  • January 5Congratulations to Seth Stovall and Jerrad Barczyszyn for placing 1st in the Men's division at the Doubles Tournament on Dec. 28th!
  • December 31Women's Flag Football Wins the Mustang Rodeo on Dec. 30th!
  • December 13Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony is Wednesday, June 1, 2022 starting at noon at MGM
  • December 10Semester Exams start on Tuesday, December 14, 2021
  • November 30Congratulations to Austin Parker for placing in the top 100 nationally for the GIAC GFACT and winning a $2500 scholarship!
  • November 15Juniors and Seniors: If you're interested in going to UNR, consider participating in Fly-Up. Check Mentorship for more information
  • October 20The 23rd Annual Economic Summit & Student Leadership (Virtual) Conference is December 11, 2021 from 9am-12pm
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The Student News Site of Shadow Ridge High School

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The Student News Site of Shadow Ridge High School

The Lariat

The Student News Site of Shadow Ridge High School

The Lariat

Announcements January 21, 2022
Announcements January 21, 2022
January 21, 2022
Hailey Morrow and Justin Lewis work together on their fake news assignment (Photo By: Kale Nelson)
The Truth About Fake News
Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief • December 16, 2021

With a rapidly growing society comes dramatic changes accompanied by constant dangers. Particularly, the expansion of social media has strengthened...

Adopt A Dog Today
Adopt A Dog Today
November 30, 2021
CottageCoreThings Bianca Edwardian Dress
The Rise of Cottagecore
November 29, 2021
Graduation for the class of 2022
Graduation for the class of 2022
December 13, 2021

A machine that would get you soaring through the skies in a matter of seconds.
Cruising to the Portables
Aron Bihasa, Journalist • December 7, 2021

Students at SRHS only have 4 minutes to get to their classes during the passing period and a lot of students currently have classes in the portables,...

Mrs. Thomas and her family.
Welcoming Shadow Ridge's New Assistant Principal, Mrs. Roxane Thomas
Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor • December 6, 2021

Shadow Ridge is always welcoming new students, teachers, staff, and faculty every year. The Ridge’s newest edition is Mrs. Roxane Thomas. She...

Best Places To Study
Best Places To Study
Marley Martinez, Mustangs Editor • December 2, 2021

As the first semester of the 2022 school year comes to a close, Shadow Ridge students are feeling a huge lack of motivation and are having a...

An advertisement for a pet food drive the Key Club is running. It goes through December 2nd!
Key Club's Community Involvement
Bella Hawkins, Journalist • November 30, 2021

Here at Shadow Ridge High School, there are many after school clubs and groups that the students can join! Each club has events and activities...

The films colorful and eye-catching movie poster attracts all audiences
Whisper of the Heart: Can You Hear Them?
Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist • November 30, 2021

Whisper of the Heart is a film from the year 1995 and was produced by Studio Ghibli. Its genre is that of adventure and coming-of-age. This film,...

The Dance Team share an embrace after performing their last home football game.
The Origins of the Stampede
November 22, 2021
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I took a lot of inspiration from my favoirte artist but I did it a little bit differently, instead of the two girls it was a girl and a boy. The meaning behind this painting means that when you have a crush on someone  [you] like, youre blinded by love basically and I feel like you dont see him for who they really are and I feel like once get to know who they truly are your fantasys broken and thats why I put the eyes in the face. Because you see them for who they are and know who you fantasize about.
Inside the Mind of an Artist with Samantha Dorado
Emma Bennett, Journalist • November 8, 2021

Samantha Dorado is a senior at Shadow Ridge High School. She likes to draw, especially gritty, gory pictures. She loves anime and wants...

Austin Parkerson and his class
Parkerson Blasts Through Cyber Space
Jack Monson, Journalist • October 26, 2021

Senior Austin Parkerson started his passion for cyber tech and competitions in 7th grade. Since then he has excelled in his Network+ and earned...

Tik Toker, Payton Garcia, has wracked up over 500K followers on the app
Influencer of the Year: Payton Garcia
Bella Hawkins, Journalist • October 25, 2021

With the rise of the popular app Tik Tok, many people are becoming "Tik Tok famous," including Shadow Ridge's own senior, Payton Garcia. Garcia...

Exchange Students at Shadow: From All Around the World.
Exchange Students at Shadow: From All Around the World.
Virginia Cardinali Pietracci, Journalist • October 20, 2021

Being an exchange student is both a dream come true, and a challenging experience of life. This year Shadow Ridge High School opened its doors...

Maluyos journey through artistry has not yet ended
Maluyo Makes His Mark
Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist • October 18, 2021

From painting to digital art, Jason Maluyo, junior, allows himself to express the ideas that always seem to be overlooked. He tells of his culture...

Sprinkled by Carlee
Sprinkled by Carlee
Virginia Cardinali Pietracci, Journalist • October 12, 2021

Brilliant, creative, and fun, Carlee Stuart, freshman at Shadow Ridge High School, is an aspiring baker and chef. She has grown up in the kitchen,...

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May 15, 2021

Anthony and Dorian discussed the NBA's new play in the tournament and give their predictions if the NBA PLAYOFFS is all the way through the championships

These are some popular board games.
Gamer's Gonna Game
Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor • January 5, 2022

Shadow Ridge's newest and coolest club is the Gamer's Club. Ms. Cleveland is the Gamer's Club advisor, and she welcomes anyone who wants to play...

Eternals Poster For Harry Styles
Harry Styles Steps into the Spotlight with Upcoming Films
Aryssa Gallardo, Campus Life Editor • December 14, 2021

Harry Styles is a famous singer and songwriter, formerly known as a member of the 2000s boy band, One Direction. While Styles continues his music...

Strange Worlds Title Screen
It's a "Strange World" After All
Marley Martinez, Mustangs Editor • December 13, 2021

Encanto has been leading the box offices with little competition the past couple of weeks as Walt Disney Animation's 60th non-Pixar film. Although...

Adeles Las Vegas Residency
Adele's Las Vegas Residency
Charlotte Larason, Journalist • December 13, 2021

Adele has just announced her residency in Las Vegas. She will be in Vegas starting January 21st, 2022, through April 16th, 2022. Adele will...

Anything but a Crumby Holiday Season
Anything but a "Crumby" Holiday Season
Olivia D. Watson, Journalist • December 10, 2021

As the holidays creep nearer, and the Black Friday emails keep coming, everyone is starting to crave those traditional festive foods. But to...

The Beatles Get Back Series cover, Photo Courtesy of: Google Images
The Beatles: Get Back
Sam Robinson, Journalist • December 9, 2021

The Beatles were formed in Liverpool, England in 1960,  and although that was 61 years ago, it doesn't stop them from being, arguably, the best...

West Side Story (2021)
West Side Story (2021)
December 9, 2021
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