Spikeball isn’t so bROUGH


Carlee Stuart

Porter Brough and his friends playing Spikeball.

Carlee Stuart, Journalist

Porter Brough, senior, has been playing spikeball for a little while now and it is now one of his favorite activities. Even though he hasn’t been playing long, he has become very skilled in this sport and continues to improve.

Brough said, “My friend Chace brought out the spikeball game at a homecoming planning meeting in 2021 and we got hooked.”

He started playing just for fun but now plays regularly and has even played in a tournament. It is a part of his weekly routine that keeps him active and excelling. 

McCrae Williams

“I play 5-6 times a week,” Brough says. “As long as everyone’s free we meet up to play.”

Spikeball has become an almost every day activity that has gotten him to the level he is now at. This game started as a fun activity and now Brough has played in competitions and placed very well.

He says, “I have just played in one tournament. We ended up getting second place in it after it had been going on for 8 hours. My partner and I beat 5 other teams twice in doubles.”

This is very impressive for someone who has only been playing for about a year. He and his doubles partner, McCrae Williams, senior, worked very hard to get to that placing. Their doubles team is called the “Ball Punishers.”

Porter is super good at making good passes and can set anyone up for a perfect shot.

— McCrae Williams

Williams said, “Spikeball is super fun, me and Porter would play with our friends every day and we became partners last year when we joined a tournament. I realized how good of a team we were and we even got second in the tournament.”

With the championship ending Brough is no longer playing in the competitions and just in his free time. Playing everyday is what can get him to continue exercising and advancing. There are so many people that participate in this sport and there are even some professional players. 

Brough states, “The skill gap is very large between pro and casual. I am definitely interested in continuing to play but have lower interest in sports by leagues and schools.”

It is very common for places to not have teams yet, but Brough is hoping that changes soon. Spikeball is becoming more and more popular.

He says, “Lots of places, like colleges, don’t have teams yet, but I think lots of people will come to realize how fun it is. I definitely prefer playing team spikeball and it is a growing sport.”