The Wave of the Mustang Mane


Spencer Corbett, Athletics Editor

There is a new wave going around Shadow Ridge High School, “the Mustang Mane” is being rocked by teachers around the school because they believe it gives them some kind of teaching superpower. The new long hair style, resembling the mane of a mustang, has been adopted by Coach Dubois, Coach Nighswonger, Mr. Alwood, Coach McKee, and some students who immediately fell in love with the hairstyle.

But having the mane is not as peaceful as it looks, good maintenance is needed to keep the mane flowing and looking awesome. Keeping it brushed, washed, and conditioned is like trying to paint the Mona Lisa. The Mustang Mane is not

just a hairstyle– it is an art form and embodies a lifestyle. Rocking the mane shows more than just school spirit, it shows that one has become one with the Mustang.

People who have the mane feel more in touch with their animal side, feeling wild and free at the same time.

Junior Cody Wright said “My mane expresses me in a way that I could not imagine, it allows me to be more of me.”

Students are embracing the mane just as much as teachers.

Wright stated, “The mane has become part of my personality, I love being able to talk about it especially with other students who wear teh Mustang Mane.”

This new wave might just be the most influential hair style in Shadow Ridge’s 20 years. The Mustang Mane will continue to sweep the school and change lives. Students and teachers who rock the mane are certainly proud to walk onto campus every Monday through Friday just to see the inspiration they bring to others.  Hopefully the mane can change more lives as the year goes on but for now it stands as the new lifestyle for both Shadow students and teachers as a way to express themselves with full confidence everyday they come to school.

Mrs. Smith