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  • April 27On May 3rd Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers on 215 and Decatur is hosting a special fundraising event for Shadow Ridge HS student council. Stop by and mention Shadow Ridge and they will donate 15% or sales to our student council. Cane's Night
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  • February 24Shadow Ridge High School's graduation will take place at The Orleans Arena on May 27th. Details to follow.
  • February 9Shadow Ridge High School has a new website!
  • October 8Seniors: If you haven't already, please follow the SRHS Class of 2021 Instagram account at: srhsclassof2021
  • September 30FAFSA Opens 10/1 for 2021 Graduates
  • August 4Follow Shadow Ridge yearbook on Instagram! @shadowridgeyearbook
E3 For All
E3 For All
Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor • May 24, 2021

For the past 26 years, excluding 2020, E3 has been an event where developers and publishers from all over the gaming community have a chance...

Oasis in the Desert
Oasis in the Desert
May 22, 2021
A picture from the Tiger King
"The Tiger Thing"
Alyssa Greer, Journalist • May 20, 2021

Enoch Augustus Scott is an actor, singer, dancer, and comedian who has been working in Las Vegas for years. As of recent he has keeping himself...

Jake Dover may only have gotten one question right, but to his credit the questions were ridiculously and unfairly hard this time
Are You Smarter Than a High Schooler
Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief • May 15, 2021

Welcome to “Are you Smarter than a High Schooler?” The top newspaper trivia game in the nation! Here’s how the game is played, there are...

This is an image of the Snappy Burger Building
Fun Times With Snacks and Movies at Snappy Burger
Katy Daley, Journalist • May 15, 2021

Snappy Burger is a family-owned Las Vegas classic. It is a simple food place where customers can park and watch a movie in their vehicles. They...

The poster for the album “Chemtrails over the Country Club.”
Lana Del Rey's "Chemtrails over the Country Club"
Alyssa Greer , Journalist • May 8, 2021

Lana Del Rey, famous American singer and songwriter, has released her new album, "Chemtrails over the Country Club." This will mark the 7th...

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish's New Album "Happier Than Ever"
Violet Flanagan, Journalist • May 7, 2021

Billie Eilish has announced that her new album “Happier Than Ever” is coming out on July 30th. She also dropped a new single “Your Power”...

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo's Upcoming Album SOUR
Riley Marrs, Journalist • May 3, 2021

18 year old actress and singer, Olivia Rodrigo, blew up overnight with her song "Drivers License" on all social media platforms especially TikTok....

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