The Escape Game

Trevor Page, Journalist

Completing an escape room challenge requires teamwork and a group’s ability to solve puzzles and riddles in a set amount of time in order to be successful. The Escape Game is located at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Place and has six different escape rooms to choose from for all skill levels. 

Sophomore Jazmin Ruiz stated, “I’ve never been to an escape room before, but I’ve always wanted to try it.”

According to the website, the escape game, people can choose from Prison Break, The Depths, The Heist, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, Gold Rush, and Rugrats: Search for the Losted Toys. 

In Prison Break, a player has 60 minutes to escape what many think is the most challenging escape room. It is set up as a 1950’s prison and players are put into two different prison cells after being wrongfully convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. The players have to work together or be stuck in prison indefinitely. 

 Sophomore Jaeden Jones said, “I went here and played Prison Break. It was interactive and the clues and puzzles you needed to solve were fun.”

The Depths allows players to explore an underwater laboratory that’s been abandoned. Players have to steer a submarine to get to the lab to search for clues about a missing scientist and peculiar lab experiments. The goal is to uncover the secrets before 60 minutes is up.

In The Heist, the player takes on the role of a special agent that tries to recover a missing painting from an art museum. The agent believes the curator has stolen the painting and has to sneak into the museum, get into the curator’s office to search for the missing piece, and exit the museum before getting caught in under 60 minutes. 

If a player wants to be a covert special ops agent that has to use their tactical skills, then this is the right escape room. In Special Ops: Mysterious Market, a routine mission takes an unexpected turn when an active nuclear missile is found in a spice market. Players have to work together in under 60 minutes to save the world from massive destruction.

The Gold Rush escape room is based off of the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s. Players learn that they could be wealthy from the inheritance left from a relative, but have to find the gold hidden in the cabin in under 60 minutes before the rest of the town hears about the treasure and comes looking for it.

Ruiz said, “I think I would like to try playing Gold Rush. It would be exciting to feel like you’re trying to find gold hidden in a cabin.”

The last escape room is called Rugrats: Search for the Lost Toys and is the best choice if playing with kids. This escape room has the lowest level of difficulty of the six choices and focuses on the Nickelodeon characters Angelica and Tommy. Angelica was trying to trick the babies and hides all of their favorite toys, but ended up hiding her favorite doll too. Players have to try and use the clues to find all the toys in under 60 minutes before Grandpa wakes up from his nap.

There are quite a few adventures to choose from at The Escape Game. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and have some fun! Ticket prices can be found at The Escape Game Las Vegas Booking Page.