Sam’s Club Pizza


Karissa Murdoch

Sam’s Club Pizza

Karissa Murdoch , Journalist

Sam’s Club food court is a great place for any post shopping snack. Sam’s Club implemented their food court in 1983 soon after the opening of Sam’s Club. I bought a Sam’s Club pizza for $8.98 and was amazed with how good it smelled. 

The pizza buying experience was good, the employees were friendly but slightly frustrated as it was quite busy. Immediately on opening the pizza box it smelled great and I could tell that it had a good ratio of pepperoni to size. I really enjoyed the crust on the Sam’s pizza, it was not super flavorful but the texture was good. The sauce was good but kind of average. The cheese was good but I think there was a little too much. The pepperoni was the best part of the pizza since it was nice and crispy and was balanced throughout the pizza. The Sam’s pizza was easy to pull apart from the other slices and didn’t have overly stretchy cheese. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the Sam’s Club pizza and was a big fan of the crust and the pepperoni the most. 

I decided to give Sam’s Club pizza 6/10 pizzas.