Costco Pizza


Karissa Murdoch

Costco Pizza

Karissa Murdoch , Journalist

The Costco food court is an iconic place for a cheap snack. Costco’s main food court hit is their iconic pizza. Their pizza is great for any party, a quick bite, and just the everyday pizza lover. The Costco food court was brought about for the first time in 1984 as a hot dog vendor outside of Costco. Pizza has been a uniting food for many years and will continue to be forever more. 

I got a Costco pizza to share with my fellow journalists to rate. I got one pepperoni pizza for $9.95. The actual pizza getting was mostly pleasant and the Costco workers were mostly friendly but did not call out an order number and that added an extra wait time that was not needed. Upon opening the pizza it looked nice and had a good amount of pepperoni on it, not too much, not too little. The cheese was not the best thing I have ever had but it also wasn’t the worst. The pizza sauce had good flavor and there was a good amount of sauce for the pizza. The crust was good, but not as crispy as I would have liked and was quite hard to chew through. 

Overall, the pizza had a good flavor and was delicious. I really was a fan of the crispy pepperoni and the flavor of the sauce. The crust and the cheese were pretty mediocre but still good.

Based on my thoughts and the opinions of other journalists that tried it with me, we give Costco pizza 7/10 pizzas.