Long Legged Larson


Photo Courtesy of: Landon Larson

Landon Larson running in a race.

Cooper Bishop, Journalist

Landon Larson, a sophomore, is an athlete who has participated in cross country and track for Shadow Ridge High School. Larson is one of the fastest kids on the track team and the fastest on the cross country team.

Larson has been a star ever since he started running at Shadow Ridge. He had the name, “The Freaky Fast Freshman,” when he started running for Shadow Ridge last year. Larson has loved the track and cross country for the competitiveness and the social aspect as well.

Larson stated, “The running teams at Shadow Ridge have given me the opportunity to meet lots of new people. I have also become a lot closer with people I already knew.”

Larson has been running since the 7th grade and has been running consistently since. Larson runs 3-4 times a week, on weekends, in the off-season, and even on vacation.

Larson stated, “I started track because my mom told me I needed to be more active and she wanted me to start a sport so I picked running because I thought it would be easy.”

One of the kids Larson runs with is sophomore James Crane. Crane has been running track for two seasons now.

Crane stated, “Track has a lot of great things to offer but my favorite part is being able to go to practice with so many fun people including Landon. Landon is so nice and so humble even though he is one of the fastest kids on the team.”

Everyone has their own opinion on why they do track and why everyone else should. Larson believes that everyone should at least give running a shot.

Larson stated, “Running is an extremely competitive sport that requires lots of hours and hard work, but is not like most other sports. It doesn’t require you to be the strongest or the most athletic, you just need to be fast.” Larson continues, “My personal favorite thing about track is just how healthy I feel. I just feel so in shape that I can do almost any cardio workout there is.”

The track season, and Larson, are just getting started. Since Larson is just a sophomore, there are still two more years to see what he is capable of. After this season it will still only be Larson’s second season and he has so much potential to be even better. 

Video Courtesy of: Landon Larson