Flag Football In Full Swing


Photo Courtesy of @coach_nighswonger on Instagram

2022/2023 Varsity and JV Flag Football

Karissa Murdoch , Journalist

With the conclusion of fall sports, winter sports are underway. Flag football does nothing short but fall into that category. Flag football just wrapped up tryouts for the 2022-2023 season.

Sophomore, Daijah Harrison who is a second year flag player says, “I originally tried out to get back into shape and to try out my first high school sport. This season is for the experience again and to play at a higher level.” 

Harrison is a hard worker who sets great goals for herself and is excited to crush them. 

“I hope to accomplish a lot more than I did last year, just overall more completed passes and successful blocking,” says Harrison 

Harrison is a versatile player who can show out from anywhere on the field. 

“I play tight end (TE) and linebacker (LB)” says Harrison.

This season I hope to get a Gorman dub. ”

— Leimaile Lasike


Harrison isn’t the only player who sets their standards high, sophomore, Leimaile Lasike, second year flag player does too. 

“I’m excited to make new memories with my teammates,” says Lasike. 

Shadow Ridge Flag Football hopes to defend their state title with excitement from the players to do so. 

Sophomore, Elaina Smith, second year flag player says, “I’m excited to match up against tough opponents such as Liberty, Coronado, and Green Valley. I believe (with hard work) that we can repeat our state championship win, which is definitely something I look forward to.” 

Smith is an impressive athlete who has many valuable qualities that transfer from sport to sport and position to position. 

“Due to volleyball season ending, I would’ve had nothing to do in the off season. Flag football is basically a break from volleyball where I can just go have fun and play catch with my friends,” says Smith. “I play wide receiver on offense and safety on defense. Sometimes a little linebacker is thrown in the mix.” 

One thing every single flag player has in common is their ambition and drive to crush their goals. 

Junior, Brinlee Sorensen and second year player says, “By the end of the season I want to be able to play every position.” 

Smith says, “As last year was only an offensive season for me, I’m hoping to really amplify my defensive abilities. I want a solid amount of interceptions and pick 6’s, as well as a couple sacks.”

Many are excited to play alongside their friends including Sorensen. 

“I wanted to try something new and I heard about football from a friend,” says Sorensen.  

Good luck Shadow Ridge Flag Football on an amazing season.