The Archers Hit The Target!


Photo Courtesy of: Emma Bennett

The arrows used in archery.

Emma Bennett, Joournalist

On Wednesday, February 3rd, Shadow Ridge’s Archery Club competed in the Nevada NASP State tournament. They competed against at least 30 schools. Alex Chavez, the highest ranking boy archer ranked 35 out of 121 and Catherine Clement, the highest ranking girl archer ranked 29 out of 186. Chavez scored 240 while Clement scored 238.

We have had people in the top slots in years past, and our team has that same potential to do the same this year. ”

— Curtis Krohn

This is the second time Shadow Ridge has competed in the state tournament. “I know this because I still have both shirts from the tournaments,” says Coach Mr. Krohn. Each team usually has about 12 archers. 

Mr. Krohn showing Nicole Deutsch how to wax the bow. (Photo Courtesy of: Emma Bennett)

Mr. Krohn says when preparing for a tournament “Getting as much time as possible to practice is crucial, and Mr. Olson has been really great about getting us as much range time as possible.” It is also a challenge for the athletes to feel confident in their abilities. If they don’t feel confident they may not want to even compete in tournaments.

Before the tournament Mr. Krohn said, “We have had people in the top slots in years past, and our team has that same potential to do the same this year. I am happy with where they have gotten to, and I am excited to see how they do Wednesday.”

Before the tournament, sophomore Nicole Deutsch said she was excited for the tournament. Deustch joined the Archery Club because they’ve been doing it since 6th grade.

“It seemed (like) a really fun sport to start with and I’m really good at it,” says Deutsch. This was Deutsch’s first tournament. “To be honest I’ve never been to a tournament before…I’m kinda excited for it but also kinda scared for it.” Deutsch scored in the top half amongst all the girls at the tournament.

Akeelah Salazar is a sophomore who joined the Archery Club this year.

Left to Right: Isabella Fleckenstein, Akeela Salazar, Regina Childs, Nicole Deutsch, Kayia Clay, Riley Roberts, onserth Gody,
Lower: Brody Hester, Upper, Catherine Clement, Hunter Kizerian, Emma Clement, Alex Chavez (Photo Courtesy of: Mr. Krohn)

“When I saw the Archery Club it looked like it was interesting…(and) fun.” said Salazar.

This is the first time Salazar has ever done archery. Salazar was nervous before the tournament, “I’m so scared I’m (going) to miss the target.” Of the whole club, Salazar was the 5th highest ranked, not bad for a first timer! She scored a 219 and ranked 13th of 52 for all the 10th grade girls!

Shadow Ridge is proud of it’s Archery Club, and hopes to see them do even better in upcoming years! Hopefully the archers will hone their skills, and the club will thrive for many years to come!