Aaron Rodgers Wants out of Green Bay


Anthony Ford, Athletics Editor

15 years on the roster for Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player, and two time NFL Most Valuable Player are acolades given to a man with the name of Aaron Rodgers. ESPN Senior Writer Adam Schefter reports Rodgers no longer wants to suit up in a Green Bay jersey. Rodgers is said to have told some players on his team that he will not be back with the team. Many Packers fans are not happy with that, given that his most recent MVP was obtained this past season.

Brendan Luna, senior, has been a Packer fan for most of his life. Aaron Rodgers has quarterbacked his favorite team for as long as he can remember. Luna is frustrated, yet understanding on the recent Rodgers news.

“I feel weird, to be honest. Part of me is sad because the Packers are my favorite team, but at the same time, if I were Aaron Rodgers I would want out as well.

The constant dissapointment, I ,as a fan, feel is rough for me. But to actually be on the team? Yeah I can’t blame him.

— Brendan Luna

Rodgers has been consistently phenomenal for Green Bay during the regular season. He puts up numbers that seem ubsurd but when the postseason hits, the job just simply can’t get done. Rodgers has been to five NFC title games, and he has one win and four losses in those games. His stats in the 2019 NFC championship were not terrible, despite the disappointing loss against San Fransicso 37-20, Green Bay was down 27-0 at half time and Rodgers started to click on offense throwing for two touchdowns in the second half. He threw for a total of 326 yards, only threw one incompletion but he did reach the turnover category once, fumbling the football.

Luna went on to give his thoughts on why the Packers can’t click as a team when it matters most.

“For me, I think the defense has been an ongoing issue for the last few years, and it showed in the last two NFC Championship games. Going down 27-0 is not good for both sides of the ball, so I can’t blame just the defense or just the offense, they both played bad. With the way that the front office has built the team around Rodgers has been poor. I mean in last years first round wide receiver’s were available, or you could go defense with the pick and they traded up to get a back up quarterback. I don’t know why they would do that because Aaron Rodgers has a lot of years left in the league.”