Summer Jobs for Students


Lena Harris

Lots of Shadow Ridge students have jobs during the summertime, lucky for them many local places are currently hiring!

Lena Harris, Journalist

With summer coming up in 8 weeks, many students are getting their licenses, and most are looking to make some extra cash. Whether it’s preparing for college, saving up for a car, or even curing boredom, there are a plethora of locations that are now offering job applications. Popular places like Cowabunga Bay, Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash, Raising Cane’s, Chipotle, McDonalds, and many more are now looking for new recruits for their teams. 

Junior Emma Clement, who is currently looking for another job for the summer loves working, even if it might be hard to balance sometimes with her school work and other extracurricular activities. 

“I think having a job as a high school student might be difficult sometimes, but it is so worth it. It feels amazing to be able to pay for some of my own things and even indulge sometimes.” 

Most high school students work within the fast food industry for their first job. This industry shows young people how to work with others and thoroughly introduces them to the working world. Other popular jobs include washing cars, shoe store workers, cashier, barista, life-guarding, housekeeper, pet sitting, and a lot more. 

Sophomore Noel Caldera has been working at Chic fil A for about 5 months now enjoys working because of the people he works with. He feels like he has gained a lot of experience from this short period of time. 

“I think Chic fil A is a great job for a high school student, it shows simple skills and introduces you to the work environment. One of my co-workers actually goes to school with me, and I think it is interesting to share experiences like these.”

By working at fast food places, employees can get employee discounts for working there. For example, at Chic fil A, employees get a free meal every time that they work. Fabulous Freddy’s offers a free employee car wash as well. Discounts are just a plus to working at places like these. For a job like life-guarding at Cowabunga Bay, workers are able to interact with all age groups and even share personal preferences for slides or food items in the park. 

Caldera continues, “I think saving your money when you’re young is a good idea. I am currently working to save my money for college, my car, and any other expenses. I think working makes you really feel more like an adult.”