Brandi’s Bookmarks and the Book Emporium


Photo by: Mrs. Smith

One of the collectible bookmarks hidden in the library

Shadow Ridge High School is known for its legendary rooftop pool and staff, but one of its most strange and defining features is much less talked about. The Shadow Ridge Library (or Wonderful Book Emporium, for those in the know) is a place that is shrouded in mystery, especially given that it has been inexplicably closed for the past year. What has people talking is that this is not the first time the doors of the library have been barred.

Five years ago, the Wonderful Book Emporium had been closed for four years between 2011 to 2015. No one was able to check out books, collect bookmarks, or harness the rest of its useful resources. That was, of course, until a series of collectible bookmarks were released to the public. What made this particular series special was that five bookmarks were specially marked with “scratch n’ sniff.” A recipient of a special scratch n’ sniff bookmark was invited to tour the Wonderful Book Emporium.

Collectors everywhere rushed to collect the bookmarks, and slowly, winners emerged.  Ms. Brandi Robertson was among the fortunate five, and on the day of the tour, she and the four other scratch n’ sniff winners were greeted by a strange and chaotic old man, who looked a lot like Gene Wilder. Robertson claims the other four contest winners failed several tasks, eliminating them from a job interview none of the contestants knew they were applying for. Robertson asserts that she was the final contestant and, supposedly, that is how she was awarded the title of “Grand Poobah” of the library and was given access to the Great Steel Elevator, located right outside the Book Emporium. 

Returning to present day, rumors have emerged that the elusive head of the library, Ms. Brandi Robertson, is planning on releasing a limited edition series of bookmarks to commemorate the reopening of her Book Emporium.

They look like happiness and unicorns all rolled into one.”

— Ms. Brandi Robertson

When visiting the library and checking books, students will have an opportunity to collect a variety of different themed and scented bookmarks. These bookmarks will rank among the most prized possessions on the planet, and to get them all will take effort and visits to the Book Emporium at different times of the year.

Incoming freshman, Elaina Smith stated, “This past year has been so difficult, the only thing that has gotten me through is knowing that I am going to be entering high school where I can start collecting the scratch n’ sniff bookmarks from the Book Emporium. Hopefully, I collect them all and get the Golden Ticket.”

Although Robertson already has access to these legendary bookmarks, they will not be released to students until next year, when Mustangs will, hopefully, be back at school in person full-time, and trips to the library will be a much more common occurrence.

We’ve had scratch and sniff bookmarks in the past, but these are new scents. In the past, they were all food scents, and now we have some like Fall Leaves, and Sand and Sun. Plus, legend has it that there are genies trapped in the bookmarks, and if they are scratched in the exact right way, one will emerge and grant three wishes,” Robertson explained.

Ms. Robertson as the Grand Poobah (Claro Bacaltos)

Robertson isn’t the only one excited about the bookmarks. The students are greatly looking forward to the chance of a lifetime where they can collect some of the most valued objects across the school.

Carter Leavitt, a senior who will graduate before the bookmarks are released, complained, “This is outrageous. I am extremely angry that I am one year away from receiving this opportunity.”

Although the excitement surrounding the bookmarks is very thrilling, Robertson is also just very excited for students to once again begin visiting the library. Many think that Robertson actually lived in the library during coronavirus because she couldn’t bear to part with it.

Robertson said, “The library is my heart and soul. I select every book, piece of technology, and item of furniture carefully for maximum benefit and enjoyment. It provides a ‘hub’ for the school. A place for gathering and collaborating.”

The new collectible bookmarks being available should make the library the most popular place in school next year, but students had better work hard to get all of the bookmarks before they get snatched up by other scent-hungry searchers.