Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series


Photo Courtesy of: Rock 'n' Roll Running Series

A highlights from the event is the fulfillment felt after its ending

Mikayla Maluyo, Co-Editor in Chief

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series is a collection of marathons across the world. Just recently, the event was held in Las Vegas. It spanned through the weekend starting on February 24th to the 26th. The event welcomed thousands of runners, volunteers, and spectators. Having such an event in Las Vegas with its glitz and glamour attracted many to even fly over from a variety of countries around the globe. 

The event is home to many runners that need their rush of adrenaline (Photo Courtesy of: Giuliano Kuo)

Its first event was inspired by Tim Murphy, an Elite Racing founder, as he was running a marathon with hints of loneliness as it was very quiet. Because of this, he had the idea of fusing live music and running to promote entertainment while runners take a race step by step. This birthed the event and changed marathons forever. 

Together in spirit, we turn running into a team sport. We share stories, inspiration, tips and our time to raise each other up. Let’s rock as one!

— Rock 'n' Roll Community

The marathon in itself has a selection of distances depending on the runner’s ability and preference. The distances are 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers. Each race encourages a cheerful and light atmosphere.

“The atmosphere was overall really friendly and fun,” Allan Dyson, a sophomore who volunteered at the event, says. “It was interesting to see all of the volunteers working so closely together and constantly helping each other out.”

Volunteers are placed in different stations throughout the race with certain checkpoints of water, fruit snacks, chocolate milk, and so on. At the end of a run, runners are also given t-shirts, medals, and recognition for all of their hard work. Having such a system allows volunteers and spectators alike to interact with the runners and amongst themselves as well. High-fives for encouragement and getting to know the people that have traveled far to attend the event are what many deem as most interesting while at the event.

Volunteers help keep runners hydrated and energized during each stretch (Photo Courtesy of: Giuliano Kuo)

“It was really interesting to meet people from all over the world,” Paulane Tulop, another volunteer, tells. “I’m pretty sure I met someone from Europe at the event who traveled to Vegas just to attend.”

At the event, it is so clear to see the dedication each runner has when completing their run as well. While volunteers, friends, and family exhibit the utmost patience, the runners show so much strength. Their endurance is something that is so admirable and it keeps the music-filled area upbeat throughout it all. 

“Seeing all the runners also and them being treated well was extremely touching and satisfying to see,” Dyson recalls.