Dueling Restaurants: Bowlology

Dueling Restaurants: Bowlology

Kaliyah Luna, Journalist

Bowlology offers 10 locations in total in Nevada and California. Locally, the closest location is at Centennial Center Blvd. It can be found in between Yogurtland and Trader Joes. Having only locations in two neighboring states, they plan on expanding. Not only do they offer acai bowls, they also offer poke bowls, juices, and smoothies. 

When I first arrived at the location the environment was immediately welcoming. It gave off a modern bohemian vibe, with a feature chalk wall for customers to add their name, statements, etc. I arrived around 5 o’clock p.m. and it was hardly busy. There were about 4 other customers in line after I had ordered. When I walked up to the counter to place my order the staff was very kind. They strived to have a conversation with me, and helped me through picking a bowl to order. I finally came to the conclusion of ordering a Bohemian 1. This bowl features the base of pitiya sorbet, blue majik sorbet, blue majik chia seed pudding, and granola. For toppings it had kiwi, watermelon, honey, banana, and more granola. This is one of their specialty menu items that already has all the ingredients. Although you do have the option to build your own, I chose the simple route. 

Photo Courtesy of: Kaliyah Luna

The wait time was minimal. Even with the other customers there, I still received my bowl in a timely manner. It took them about 7 minutes for me to get my bowl, and afterwards I decided to sit down in their dining area to enjoy my meal. It was a large bowl, a lot bigger than I was expecting. It was filled to the brim with fruits. The fruit tasted very fresh and cold. The chia seed pudding added a great contrast in texture and flavor to the bowl. The sorbet itself was sweet, but didn’t taste processed. Although there were a few semi-frozen pieces of the base in the bowl, it was very enjoyable. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Bowlology. The staff, food, and environment make for a great experience there. It’s a healthier alternative to your typical fast food and doesn’t make you feel gross after eating it. I also enjoyed that they are not only restricted to acai bowls, they expanded onto poke bowls, juices, and smoothies, which can provide a variety of options for different taste pallets. 

Bowlology gets 8/10 bowls!