Trent Smith


Photo Courtesy of: Trent Smith

Valedictorian, Trent Smith

Senior, Trent Smith, is a state champion in wrestling which is an impressive accomplishment along with being the Valedictorian of the Class of 2022. Smith will be attending the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall and he plans to study software engineering or biology with the hopes of pursuing a premed degree, although his ultimate goal is to become an actor in movies. Smith received the Presidential Scholarship from UNR which is “awarded to those who demonstrate a combination of outstandig academic performace … The minimun grade point average for consideration is a 3.5. These awards are limited and are awarded on a competitive basis. The value of this award is $8,000 per year.”

Smith realized he could achieve the pretigous title of valedictorian during his freshman year and he admits that every year, he felt as if he was in a “horse race” with Fisk.

Although Smith’s accomplishment is his alone, he credits many of the students who he has had in class with him.

Smith does admit that being ranked #1 in the class, “wasn’t very hard, I was fortunate enough to have the help of so many of my classmates and we’ll all contributed information, studying habit, and tactics all with one another.  It was a team effort.”

Smith’s most challenging Shadow Ridge class has been AP Physics because he was unfamiliar with the content and Ms. Stan has “high standards for her students.”

Science and social studies classes are the classes that have most benefited Smith since he plans on pursuing these types of subjects in college.

“It’s difficult to pin point exactly which class was the most beneficial but science takes into account the world around us and utilized math, and social studies uses history, government, and writing.  All of the classes in these specific areas of study are very important,” stated Smith.

Valedictorian, Trent Smith (Photo Courtesy of: Trent Smith)

Maintaining stellar grades while pursing the state title in wrestling was often a difficult juggling act for this student athlete. Smith admits that he often thought about giving up one of his goals for the other but he knew he had many people counting on him, either academically or athletically, that he didn’t want to let anyone down, so he continued to persevere and push himself to his limits. If he did have to choose one goal over the other, he admits that valedictorian would have probably been the one he let go of even though he thinks that wrestling is extremely grueling on the body.  Thankfully, he continued to excel in the classroom and maintained straight A’s.

Smith admits that adapting to new teachers and classes was probably the most difficult thing he had to overcome during high school.

He stated, “Every single year I always have these really dark moments because believe it or not, I hate seeing things I am not used to in school.  So often times I struggle in the beginning, but it is all a mental battle.”

Smith’s advice for future Mustangs is “to never let up.  It sounds general, but when things become repetitive you cannot cave in.  Never let up in relationships with your friends, relationships with family members, school, sports, or any other passions you have.  You will never regret working  hard and trying to chase your dream.”