Dueling Restaurants: Kura


Kaliyah Luna, Journalist

Kura Sushi was first invented in 2008 and has stuck around ever since. Very similar to Sapporo, Kura features both a dish conveyor belt along with an Ipad feature above. The main difference between the two is a reward machine that Kura features. Once you reach a certain amount of plates eaten, you drop the dish in a compartment at your table, and after a few dishes, you get a toy reward brought to you. 

Although they have fun and easily accessible features like those previously mentioned, the food itself wasn’t as fresh as Sapporo. A lot of the sushi rolls tasted as if they were sitting there for a while, and the conveyor belt had several empty plates on it. The only way we were able to ensure our food was fresh, was ordering it off of the Ipad. Not only did we get rolls from there, but some items that they only feature on the Ipad. 

Overall, I would recommend Sapporo Sushi over Kura Sushi. Although Kura had easier ways of ordering food, you weren’t able to get the full experience with having to order everything on the Ipad for fresh food. 

I give Kura Sushi a 6/10.