Dueling Restaurants: Sapporo


Kaliyah Luna, Journalist

Sapporo Revolving Sushi first came to Las Vegas in December of 2018. In addition to Sapporo, Freddy Hwang is also the owner of other well known local restaurants. This includes Sweet Poke, Sushi and Ichi Ramen House, and Samurai Japanese Steakhouse. Hwang made this restaurant very different from most sushi restaurants that you would find. The three locations in Las Vegas all feature conveyor belts that have individual plates of sushi, ranging from 2-4 pieces, that are constantly moving around the restaurant. In addition, it also features an Ipad at each table, which makes it easier accessible for each customer to choose items other than sushi. While the sushi on the conveyor belts are tracked to ensure the freshness of the sushi, dishes that are delivered via Ipad are made fresh. The ability to serve yourself at any time without having to get a hold of a waiter makes the experience that much better. 

I decided to arrive at their Centennial location around lunch time. After being seated, the waiter explained to those at my table how the restaurant was run, gave us our drinks, and from there we were able to start eating. It was so nice to be able to begin eating when we sat down, as opposed to having to order and wait like a traditional restaurant. I began with a very traditional order, tuna nigiri. This is a simple two piece dish that features raw tuna over sweet rice. Both the rice and the fish were very fresh. It tasted as though it had been made minutes earlier. Along with grabbing dishes myself, we also decided to order off of the Ipad. The food comes on an electrical tray that stops exactly at your table. We decided to order ice cream, and it was very tasty.

Overall, I would say that the food was very well done and is definitely some of the best sushi I’ve tasted. The service was great and the prices are well worth it. 

I give Sapporo Revolving Sushi a 7/10.