Spidey Senses Sharpened with Spider-Man: No Way Home

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With its release, multiple movie posters are created to capture its true meaning

Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has welcomed a new film under its wing. Spider-Man: No Way Home will be premiere in the United States on December 17th, 2021. Fans all over the world are excited for the new movie being added to the Spider-Man series. With eight movies already in the line-up, Spider-Man: No Way Home is the ninth.

Alan Garcia, a junior at the Ridge, has been a Spider-Man fan since watching the first Spider-Man movie at a young age. 

“Spider-Man has been my favorite superhero since my childhood,” Garcia tells. “When I heard that there’s going to be another Spider-Man movie, exciting memories came flooding back.”

Each Spider-Man movie released is unique on its own. Although each one is under the same name, there are distinct differences among every film. Sony had owned the namesake since 2002. At the time, Tobey Maguire debuted as the one behind the mask and continued playing the part for two more movies. A revamping of the franchise was done with The Amazing Spider-Man where Andrew Garfield starred in 2012. Sony then started a partnership with Marvel Studios to expand the storyline further in 2017. This shift would add Peter Parker into the MCU. Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, released in 2018, introduced Miles Morales and a web of universes that somehow tied into each other. 

Devoted watchers now await for Spider-Man: No Way Home. With the ending of the previous Spider-Man movie (Spider-Man: Far From Home) allowing room for conspiracy theories and countless thoughts, the upcoming movie has already reached the minds of many fans. The process of overthinking has already begun.

Patricia Bainter, a junior at Shadow Ridge High School and a frequent at the movie theaters, has heard a lot about the films from those around her. With many people choosing a favorite among the three well-known Spider-Mans, opinions continue to differ across the board.

“[My favorite Spider-Man is] Tom Holland,” Bainter explains. “[Though], this is mainly because I like his relationships with other MCU characters.”

With every Marvel movie released, fans already begin imagining new endings or outcomes. 

“A theory I have [about the Spiderverse] is that not all villains will make it back to their homes,” Garcia says.

He thinks that Spider-Man’s value of trying to save all people will turn the plot around significantly. With that in mind, Garcia is still eager to see what becomes of the Spiderverse as with thousands of fans all across the world.