America: A Lexicon of Fashion


Marley Martinez, Mustangs Editor

The Met Gala, dubbed “Fashions biggest night out” took to the Metropolitan Museum of Art over the weekend. The world-famous event showcased the greatest stars, musicians, and influencers as the Met raised money for The Costume Institute. The real star of the Gala, however, was the electrifying wardrobe celebs wore which were created by some of the world’s biggest designers. 

Typically the Met Gala is held on the first Monday of May. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the Met was canceled last year and postponed until last weekend. All of the staff, photographers, and guests wore masks anytime they weren’t being photographed. The theme of the night was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” and stars took advantage of this theme to pay homage to many American stars, fashions, and cultures. Stars and designers also took this as an opportunity to show what the future of fashion in America may look like as Met Gala themes have always been open to interpretation

 “I’ve been really impressed by American designers’ responses to the social and political climate, particularly around issues of body inclusivity and gender fluidity, and I’m just finding their work very, very self-reflective,” Andrew Bolton (Head Curator of the Met Costume Institute) said in an interview with Vogue. “I really do believe that American fashion is undergoing a renaissance. I think young designers, in particular, are at the vanguard of discussions about diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainability and transparency, much more so than their European counterparts, maybe with the exception of the English designers.”

Some of the most show-stopping looks of the Gala include Lil Nas X, who had a 3 part outfit reminiscent of a similar stunt Lady Gaga had pulled in a previous Gala, Billie Eilish, who took inspiration from Marilyn Monroe, Quannah Chasinghorse, who wore a dress inspired by her native heritage, and Kendall Jenner, who donned a version of a gown worn in My Fair Lady

Nikkie De Jager (aka Nikkie Tutorials), wore a stunning blue gown with flower details and a quote at the bottom saying “Pay it no mind” honoring trans activist Marsha P. Johnson. De Jager came out as trans in one of her videos after years of being one of the top makeup influencers on YouTube.

“When I got asked to join the Met Gala I knew I wanted to pay homage to a trans icon who was at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots,” De Jager explains. “Marsha P. Johnson paved the way for so many of us, and I hope I made my community proud tonight.”

Due to the flexible nature of the Gala themes, guests show up in a wide array of looks that warrant many different reactions. Some of the outfits subject to the most criticism were Kim Kardashian, who sported a head to toe black outfit from Balenciaga, Frank Ocean, who came with a green baby robot, ASAP Rocky, who wore an item reminiscent of a blanket, Kim Petra, who wore a flowers dress with a life-size horse head, Ciara Dundas, who wore a football dress, and Timothy Chalomet, who donned a pair of white converse.

Senior Jaydon Phelps said, “In my opinion, Lil Nas X had the best look of the night. His outfit was extremely unique which set it apart from the others and also gave a nice twist on the theme of the Gala.”