Netflix’s New Show “Shadow and Bone”


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‘Shadow and Bone’ main characters

Katy Daley, Journalist

Streaming on Netflix is the new show “Shadow and Bone” based on the book trilogy. The books were released between 2012-2014 and the show series was released on April 23, 2021. Mrs. Mason, AP Lang and Publications teacher shared that she enjoys the representation of the characters and how well the book is brought to life through the series.

It’s a young adult series about a young girl who discovers that she is magical and that she can do great things., ultimately making it fun to watch.

“Add “Shadow and Bone” to the long list of efforts to establish new fantasy series in the post-” Game of Thrones” era, in this case with a fairly generic tale of a war-riven world and a young woman who learns she has spectacular powers and an epic destiny. As constructed it makes for a moderately watchable binge once you’ve committed, but no great loss if you don’t,” states CNN Entertainment.

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“I knew it was part of a book series. I had not read it yet, but I had read the “Six of Crows” series, so I was interested to know more about the prequel I had not read yet. The show did a great job of including that series into the “Shadow and Bone” adaptation,” says Mason.

She was going to wait to watch the show until after she read the series, but she just couldn’t wait, so she skipped the books and jumped right into the TV series. Even though it may not be critically acclaimed, many people still want to watch it, because a best-selling book series will bring in big streaming numbers.

The “Shadow and Bone” book trilogy. (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

“A fantasy series like Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” may not be critic-proof, but it’s accurate to call it resistant to curmudgeonly. Defiant, even. Such is the way of franchise titles based on popular books, which is why so many studios are swooping in to claim the broadcast or film rights. Bestsellers bring along a built-in audience, and where they go others will follow,” states Salon

Many different streaming services want the franchise title because bestsellers bring in big audiences. “Shadow and Bone” is a book series loved by many that were brought to life in the Netflix show. It has already been renewed for a season 2, making many fans very excited.