New Attraction at Area 15

Exciting New Attraction Called the Illuminarium

Anthony Bracha, Journalist

The Illuminarium is a new attraction coming to Area 15 this January. The attraction is trying to create the world’s most immersive experience.

The main part of the Illuminarium will try to transport guest to the African savanna. The technology being used has never been used at this level before. The environments will be a massive surround screen that doesn’t require the use of wearable VR hardware. There will be scents that are sent to vents in the floor. “I think that this is going to be a really cool experience to see. I really enjoyed Omega-Mart so I think that another really influential thing like this is going to be great,” said senior Franklin Dela Rosa.


The first part of the Illuminarium is going to be called WILD: A Safari Experience, a journey through the African savanna, where guests are taken to see all of the varied animals that inhabit the exotic land. The experience will not only contain a massive surround screen, but also the authentic sounds and scents of the savanna. The next part of the Illuminarium will not be opening until 2022, which will be called SPACEWALK. Other places such as under the seas are in the works.

“This is such a cool idea. I am really excited to check this out. This looks like something so new that we’ve never seen before. It kind of reminds me of when movies would come out in 4D and they would blow things at you, or give you like ‘scratch and sniff’ cards,” said Dela Rosa. The attraction first opens in Atlanta and Miami this summer and then other places next year like New York City, ChicagoTorontoMontrealLos Angeles, and Austin. Other things included in the Illuminarium surprisingly are restaurants. The Illuminarium Café is a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating and there will also be a place called The Bar, where the bar changes environments as customers are there. It can change from space to a cyberpunk version of Japan.

Dela Rosa said, “As you can tell, I’m pumped to check out this place. I think that the environments are going to look really cool, and it is going to be really cool to see when other environments they add later.” The Illuminarium is the second large new attraction coming to Area 15, which is quickly growing into one of the premier attractions in Las Vegas and it is going to be interesting what else comes to the space.