What Godzilla vs Kong Means for the Monsterverse

How Legendary Will Continue The Monsterverse


Photo Courtesy of: Warner Bros.

Overview of the Monsterverse

Anthony Bracha, Journalist

With the recent success of Legendary’s Godzilla vs Kong, Warner Bros. has expressed that they want to continue the Monsterverse featuring Japanese Studio Toho’s monsters. Godzilla vs. Kong was the final film in Warner Bros. deal with Toho giving them the rights to Godzilla and other monsters like Mothra and Rodan.

Franklin Dela Rosa (Photo Courtesy of: Franklin Dela Rosa)

In a 2018 interview, Toho’s Head of Film, Keiji Ota, said, “After 2021, we’re thinking of a potential strategy that [releases] Godzilla movies uninterrupted at a rate of every 2 years, although there is a preference for a yearly pace as well. The future of the series and its forwarding developments are very conscious of the method of a “shared universe.” Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, etc. could all share a single world view much like a Marvel movie where Iron Man and the Hulk can crossover with each other.”

Obviously, this puts the future of the Monsterverse in doubt as Toho has not released a theatrical Godzilla film since 2016 due to them have sold the rights temporarily to Warner Bros. With Toho wanting to create their own cinematic universe, Warner will have to create a new deal with Toho that will benefit both in some way.

“I think that they should continue the Monsterverse as most of Godzilla’s movies have never really gotten a wide appeal internationally, and I think that these movies give him more exposure than his Japanese movies,” said senior Franklin Dela Rosa.

Godzilla vs. Kong does not feature an end credits scene and does very little to set up future sequels, although the door is still open for that. The only upcoming chapter of the Monsterverse will be an animated show on Netflix called Skull Island. To continue with Godzilla though, Warner Bros. would either need to create new monsters for him to fight or, more likely, acquire the rights to some of Godzilla’s other villains, and with Godzilla having appeared in over 35 films there is definitely no shortage of other foes to fight.

“I think that the idea of continuing the Monsterverse with Godzilla and creating updated versions of some of the more popular Godzilla monsters would be really cool to see with a large budget that you just can’t get in Japan.”

Alternatively, Legendary could start following Kong more. Kong does not have a history of opponents anywhere near as vast as Godzilla’s so they could always create new monsters for Kong to fight while also staying faithful to the character. With how Godzilla vs. Kong ends, there is a very easy way for them to give Kong new monsters to fight. There is also always the option to combine the Monsterverse with Legendary’s Pacific Rim franchise, which has been rumored for years.

“I think that it would be really cool if the giant robots from Pacific Rim shared the screen with monsters like Godzilla and Kong, the battles that you could create with these franchises would be incredible,” stated Dela Rosa.