Top Golf


Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor

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Golf takes on a new form of entertainment at Topgolf located near MGM on the strip. Topgolf is perfect for golf players and for people who just want to have fun. No golf experience is required to have fun at Topgolf. Topgolf features advanced technology that tracks the player’s golf ball after each hit to score their game based on the target that it enters. 

In each bay, up to 6 people can play and up to 8 people can fit in the bay. Reservations can be made on their website, but walk-ins are still accepted. 

Jordan Go, sophomore, says, “Topgolf is especially fun when you go with a group of friends or family. I went to a birthday party and Topgolf is ideal for all different kinds of events.”

Topgolf offers complimentary golf clubs to use during play. Clubs for men, women, left-handers, right-handers, kids, and toddlers are available in different styles. Customers have the option to bring their own club as well. 

Mason Williams, junior, played on the Shadow Ridge Men’s Golf Team during his freshman year. Williams comments, “Going to Topgolf was a great opportunity to show off my acquired golf skills and allowed me to teach my friends the best way to hit a golf ball.”

Game pricing varies depending on which floor the guests are golfing. Floors 1 and 2 have cheaper hourly prices and are available for all ages.


Game Pricing Floors 1 & 2

Bay rates listed are per hour. Each bay can have up to 6 players.

                           Open – 12 PM           12 – 5       5 PM – CLOSE

MON-THU              $33                       $48               $63

FRI-SAT                  $48                       $63               $78

SUN                          $48                       $63               $63

Game Pricing Floors 3 & 4

Guests must be ages 21+. Bay rates listed are per hour. Each bay can have up to 6 players.

                         Open – 12 PM           12 – 5       5 PM – CLOSE

MON-THU            $48                      $63                 $78

FRI-SAT                $63                      $78                  $93

SUN                        $63                      $78                  $78


Individual lessons, group lessons, and classes are also offered at Topgolf. Topgolf requires that every player has a member playing card to compete. Memberships start as low as $5 and allows players to track all their scores in-venue and at home.

Go adds, “Topgolf is a unique and different attraction available in Las Vegas. It combines the recreational and competitive aspects of golf.”

Topgolf is an excellent option for something to do with dates.