Are You Smarter Than A High Schooler


Ryan Watts celebrates the first student victory of the year.

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

Welcome to “Are you Smarter than a High Schooler?” The top newspaper trivia game in the nation! Here’s how the game is played, there are three student contestants and three teacher/admin contestants. The students and teachers will be asked five trivia questions, and be scored based on their answers. A correct score equals 2 points, somewhat correct equals 1 point, and incorrect equals no points. Each Lariat edition is a round, and at the end of the year, the points will be tallied up from each round and we will decide if the teachers really are smarter than the students! Teachers won last round, let’s see if the students can win it this time!

It took long enough but the students finally won this round! The current score for the year is 4-1 with the teachers keeping the lead! Thanks for playing “Are you Smarter than a High Schooler.” Stay tuned next month for even more trivia!