Dueling Restaurants Crumbl vs. Twisted Sugar Cookies


Karissa Murdoch, Journalist

Crumbl Cookie was started by two cousins in Logan Utah in 2017. Crumbl is known for their large and sweet cookies with some standard flavors like chocolate chip and pink frosted, but also their weekly flavors that rotate and are usually crazy flavors. For this week’s rotating flavors were snickers and honey grams. 

Crumbl cookies

We decided to get a six pack of cookies which cost $25.92 after tax and tip. The service was good and fast, however the cookies are a bit expensive. The thing that counters the large cost is the large cookie. We tried the chocolate chip cookie, the pink frosted, the honey grams, and the snickers and they were all good but it was a common consensus that they were much too thick and tasted kind of artificial.

We also thought that the cookies were much too sweet and we definitely could not eat a whole cookie at once. 

Twisted Sugar originated in Utah as well and is also known for their large selection of cookies as well as their monthly rotating flavors, we decided to try the lemon blueberry cookie as well as the churro rotating flavors. To counter Crumbl we tried the chocolate chip and the white frosted cookie. While they are similar in size, maybe slightly smaller, they are much cheaper at $15 for a six pack of cookies. The service was good and the store was nice and homey. When we tried the cookies we noticed that they took a much more homemade flavor and weren’t sickeningly sweet.

Twisted Sugar cookies

For every category, Twisted Sugar took the win for the favorite cookie. For the chocolate chip cookies, Twisted Sugar was voted better at 5-1 votes. We all decided that the flavor was just better than Crumbl. In the frosted sugar cookie category, Twisted Sugar was also voted better at 4-2. We thought that the flavor tasted less chemically and the frosting was much better. We decided to try the rotating flavors as we couldn’t directly compare them because they don’t have a direct match however we thought that Twisted Sugar had much better rotating flavors. The honey gram and snickers cookies were good but didn’t taste very fresh and were super sweet. The whipped frosting on the lemon blueberry from Twisted Sugar was delicious and complemented the cookie base so well and the churro was arguably one of the best tasting cookies that I have ever had. The rotating flavors category was voted unanimously in favor of Twisted Sugar at 6-0 votes. 

Overall both cookies were good but Twisted Sugar had the overall winning cookies. 

I give Crumbl cookies 4/10 cookies and I give Twisted Sugar 8/10 cookies. 


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