Imaginarium Las Vegas


Lena Harris

Imaginarium’s famous heart tunnel

Lena Harris, Journalist

The Imaginarium Las Vegas is a family-friendly attraction at Westgate Las Vegas open this year from now until May 29th. Their website describes it as a “dreamlike garden with 35,000 roses abloom with LED lights.” This special garden is filled with mazes, fake plants, and “fantastical creatures.” Overall, the experience is meant to give guests a magical experience.

Junior Aliandra Rizo explains, “I have never visited the Imaginarium, but it looks really cool. When I saw some pictures of this place on Instagram, I really wanted to go. I think taking pictures there would be really cute, especially for your birthday or prom.”

Imaginarium Las Vegas includes music, lights, mirrors, treasure hunts, and more. On their website, they have pictures of their famous rose garden and other “experience zones” that guests can view while they visit. This year they have a heart tunnel, a princess castle light fixture, lots of flowers and mushrooms, and large moving animals. 

During the winter months, the Westgate has winter wonderland based Imaginarium with lights and props, including a giant Christmas tree, life-sized presents, arctic animals, and more. There are mini versions of many historical buildings and walk through light tunnels. Guests can win prizes, visit local stands, and spend time with their family and friends at this interactive light show. 

Sophomore Maya Garay says, “I have been to the Imaginarium once and it was during December 2018. Compared to how it is now, the Christmas theme was very large and there was a lot more decorations. I still like how they set it up this year, my favorite parts are the different themed rooms.”

Besides lights, the Imaginarium usually has rides and always makes sure to have food trucks for families to grab a bite in between walking around.

“I have younger siblings and I like how kid-friendly this place is. A lot of places have restrictions or even hazardous lights that kids might try to touch. I felt comfortable letting my brother do his own thing here, he really loved looking at the hologram lights and running through all of the tunnels.”

This year, the garden has themed rooms that guests can walk in. These rooms are lined up on the edges of the garden, ranging from flowers, to hearts, to disco balls and holograms. Imaginarium Las Vegas is open from 7pm-12am Friday-Sunday and 7pm-11pm on the weekdays. More information about the experience and tickets can be found on their website.