Bellagio Flower Garden


Lena Harris

A “flower” portrait from the Bellagio.

Lena Harris, Journalist

When thinking of casinos in Vegas, most people think of gambling, vacations, or the strip. The Bellagio on the other hand has more than that, and for the past 22 years, they have been decorating their special botanical garden for spring, summer, fall, winter. They also do a unique display for Lunar New Year. All of the flowers that are in the exhibit are real, and there are little descriptions next to most of them, explaining what each one is or the reason for it. 

Back in 2018, the garden was much smaller than it is now. Over the years the amount of flowers increased, and now according to their website, the Bellagio has an upwards of 11,541 flowers and other plants present. 

Sophomore Alexis Gonzalez says, “I have been to the Bellagio flower garden a few times. I love how they are always changing the theme. I do wish there were less people crowding the bridge though because whenever I want to take pictures it is kind of difficult to move around.” 

The Bellagio makes many different designs out of flowers including but not limited to different types of birds, lions, zebras, snakes, hot air balloons, portraits, fruit, and even symbols for Lunar New Year. 

There are several different shops and restaurants in the Bellagio as well, so when visitors are done looking at the flower garden, they have other options to choose from with their loved ones. Many photographers can be seen in the flower garden, taking pictures of all of the vibrance around them or the people in it. 

Sophomore Preslee Lafrienere has been to the Bellagio flower garden a few times. She loves flowers, so this experience was great for her. 

“I think all of the flowers are really beautiful. My favorite design is definitely the fruit, I think they look so pretty. I also really like the shop right next to the garden, they have a lot of crystals and nice jewelry.” 

The botanical gardens currently have a tunnel of love, often used for family pictures or even weddings. Each season that the Bellagio changes their garden, there is a variety of different places to take pictures or just enjoy the scenery. The attraction is free to the public. 

Sophomore Maya Garay explains “I think the Bellagio gardens are very beautiful. Every time my family and I go down to the strip we always stop there. I love how often they change the theme, I do wish that it was not so crowded all the time though.”

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