FlyOver Las Vegas


Courtesy of Brianna Goubeaux

The entrance to the FlyOver Ride.

Lena Harris, Journalist

FlyOver Las Vegas is the newest “ultimate flying ride” located on Las Vegas Boulevard at 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89109. According to The Making of FlyOver in Las Vegas Video, the ride is a simulation based roller coaster made for customers to feel like they are flying above several different scenery images. There is a corridor and pre-show room before the ride made to give more meaning to the ride itself, showing animations and history. 

Sophomore Kasai Janvier says, “I think the ride would be really fun. It sounds very active and involved, and I like when experiences are like that.”

Ticket prices, showings, experience reviews, and more can be found on the FlyOver website.  Right now, the films being shown are Wonders of the American West , Iceland , and Windborne: Call of the Canadian Rockies . Guests can choose which film they would like to watch from an aerial perspective, making their adventure worthwhile.

The seats at Flyover have a seat belt and handles for guests to hold on to while their legs dangle above the massive  screen, giving the real flying experience as the seats move around . There are also special smells, mists, and wind to give people more of an in depth escapade. The design is built specifically so they will feel as if they are really surrounded by these elements. 

Sophomore Trystan Baxter has recently heard of the new ride, and honestly thinks it would be fun. He likes the idea of moving seats and spending time with his family.

“I think going on the FlyOver would be really cool at night because you would be able to see Vegas with all of the lights on if you chose that video. The ride looks super cool but also scary. I also like how the website shows an example video.”

The entire FlyOver event lasts about an hour combined, after the corridor, pre-show, and of course the ride itself. Through many reviews found on YouTube and other platforms like TikTok, guests can decide if it is fitting for them! 

Janiver continues, “I like that there is a pre-show and that you get to choose what scenery you get to look at. Since the pricing isn’t that cheap I think it is important that customization is involved.”

There are videos of the making process, prices and packages found on the website so that families can enjoy the ride together within 9am-9pm.