The New Hogwarts Legacy Game


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

The new Hogwarts Legacy video game

Chloe Reoyo, Journalist

On February 10th, the new Hogwarts Legacy game was officially released. This game is inspired by the famous movies and books, Harry Potter. It was developed by Avalanche Software and can be played on many platforms like XboxSeries X/S and PlayStation 5. 

“I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I’ve read every book like a thousand times. I hope the game is very like the movies,” says junior Kacey Boyd. 

Harry Potter is a young wizard who was raised by his aunt and uncle, humans (also known as muggles) after his parents died. When he was seven, Hagrid, who works at Hogwarts came to tell him who he truly is and took him to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Throughout the years he makes new friends and learns a lot of interesting things, but he is also going to face many challenges. Someone who’s name shouldn’t be pronounced, Voldemort, is trying to gain all his power back after being defeated by Harry’s parents. But in order to do that, he needs to kill Harry. 

I can’t wait to play this game, it looks so fun!

— Kacey Boyd

“It’s not the type of game I usually play, but Harry Potter is such a big thing for little kids that I want to live that magic again,” explains junior Wyatt Noya. 

More than 600 million Harry Potter books in more than 85 different languages were sold. Harry Potter has many themed parks like Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando or the Warner Bros Studio Tour. 

“I have never been very interested in video games but I’ll start just for Harry Potter,” tells senior Rafaella Mye Tagudi de Sousa. 

The game revolves around a goblin, the ones who work at the bank, who are seeking to start a war against the wizarding world using a mysterious dark magic. In that game, players attend classes at Hogwarts. Players can explore the castle, the forest, the classes, the dorms and the common rooms.

“I love playing video games, and what I like about this game is that you can play with hundreds of people from all over the world,” explains junior Renesmee Vento. 

Indeed, in Hogwarts Legacy, players create their own adventure, they choose what they do or where they go, but there’s a lot of people doing the exact same thing in the same universe as theirs. They can play with people from the entire world and expand their friendships. 

Hogwarts Legacy is a good way to make many new friends, have fun and revisit childhood.