Snowboarding Stylist

Gustavo Crawford, Journalist

Snowboarding came around in the United States in the 1960ś by a guy named Tom Sims. It started becoming popular in 1988 as it was introduced to the winter Olympics. This winter the mountains in Las =Vegas are covered in snow and there are a lot of opportunities to go out and snowboard. Many of the students at Shadow Ridge like to snowboard for a winter activity. 

Hudson Hooge, sophomore, has quite a bit of experience riding says, ¨I’ve been snowboarding since I was 7. I’ve been going to Brain Head but I sometimes go to Lee Canyon. I love going snowboarding and getting lots of air. My favorite trick is definitely a 360. There is one problem with snowboarding, the gear is very expensive.”

Snowboarding is by far the most satisfying sport.

— Hudson Hooge

Students who snowboard at Shadow Ridge have a tremendous amount of talent and are able to do cool tricks that take a lot of practice, athleticism, and skill.

Sam Stahl, sophomore states, ¨I’ve been snowboarding for 2 years and I have so much fun every time I go. I go to Lee Canyon  pretty much every time I snowboard. The only downside to snowboarding are the lines to wait to go on the lift.¨

Snowboarding is popular in Las Vegas so the mountain is filled with people and the lines are long. Students need to take precaution and make sure they don’t run into anyone while riding down the mountain.

Courtesy of Nico Smyth

Coal Mead, sophomore, states, ¨I’ve been snowboarding for 1 season and I love it. My favorite trick is a 180 but the hardest trick I’ve done is a 360. The one thing I don’t like about snowboarding is if the snow is hard it hurts when you fall. Sometimes I get scraped up pretty bad or get bruises.¨

When first learning how to snowboard, it is very important that students take it easy and know their limits before trying crazy or dangerous tricks that could potentially cause harm.

Nico Smyth, junior says, ¨I love snowboarding, every time I go snowboarding I get so happy, it’s one of my favorite things to do. When I’m in the air I just forget about everything but the jump. Learning new tricks is also incredibly fun and satisfying.¨

Snowboarding is a great thrill for people and some snowboarders say it’s a great way to clear their minds.

Trent Bailey, sophomore shares, ¨I’ve been snowboarding for one day and I like hanging out with the boys and shredding, I don’t really know any tricks but riding. I definitely am considering going again it was a great experience.¨

Lee Canyon has a $10 fee for parking tickets per day. The lift cost $69 for juniors 6-12 and adults 13-59 are $79 a day.