World Cup 2022

Lena Harris, Journalist

The FIFA World Cup is a worldwide quadrennial soccer tournament in competition for the world title and trophy that will be awarded to the last team standing. It has billions of viewers both in person and on television. The cup opened on November 20th and ends on December 18th. According to NY Times, the World Cup is being held in Qatar this year, and despite normally being held in July, it is taking place in winter. The excruciating temperatures would have caused many problems, so moving it to winter instead was an agreed decision among several countries. 

Sophomore Brianna Goubeaux says, “I enjoy watching the world cup because it fulfills my soul since I love the game of soccer.”

With groups A-H and a total of 32 teams, the diverse championship has many rounds that vary between certain time periods according to Sporting News. There is the Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Final game on the last day, not including knockout stage contests. Eliminations happen daily as each soccer team fights to make it to the final round. So far, 16 teams have been eliminated in the Group Stage (which ended December 2nd). 

Goubeaux continues, “It’s unfortunate that Mexico won’t make it any further, but just the thrill of watching this cup makes me enthusiastic.”

Mexico isn’t the only country people are sad about. The World Cup is the world’s most viewed sporting event, and it is broadcast on countless television networks. The devoted fans who are able to make it to one of the many stadiums that hold the cup are covered in gear to support their countries and cheer them on. Fans stay loyal to their group even after a disappointing loss. 

Sophomore Alexis Gonzalez explains, “I absolutely love the World Cup, watching my favorite teams on the big screen and on social media is always so exciting. It is still a little weird watching it at this time of the year though.”

Fans can track and watch their favorite teams anywhere online. The World Cup is popular on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms where fans share their opinions and create shorts on their favorite players. It is difficult to purchase tickets because of how popular the tournament is, not to mention how expensive they can get. 

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