The Rise of JVKE

Lila Brough, Journalist

Jake Lawson, more commonly known as JVKE, grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island. His father is a pastor at his childhood church and his mother is a music teacher. JVKE constantly sang in church and learned to play the piano, drums, and guitar because of his parent’s influence. Music is one of the main focuses in his life and he has made a career out of it. This past summer JVKE released a new single called, “Golden Hour”  and it has touched many individuals including those at Shadow Ridge High School.

Sophomore Isis Gwin loves the song and everything about it. The first time she listened to the song she was mesmerized. Gwin loves the birds chirping in the background of the song.


— Julia Willhite

“..I absolutely love the piano in the song. I think JVKE has such an interesting style of music,” Gwin states.

Kennedi Johnson, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge, instantly saved it to her playlist when she heard it. 

Johnson says, “When I first listened to the song “Golden Hour” I absolutely loved it. It was such a beautiful piece…”

JVKE also creates a sense of relatability that fans really enjoy. Gwin loves how he puts an emotion into words, and does it well too. Johnson agrees, she states that some people really like songs that they can connect with and his songs do that. Gwin states that through his songs she is reminded that everyone has the same emotions, and because of that she feels so much more connected to others.

“My favorite thing about JVKE is that his songs are mostly about feelings, and it isn’t what most artists include in their songs nowadays,” Johnson explains.

Gwin and Johnson both agree that the feeling this artist invokes is not like any other artist. Johnsons explains that the song exudes humbleness, innocence, and authenticity. She also stated she always feels happy when she listens to his songs. Gwin states that she loves the fairy tale-like feeling, and that she too feels so happy and positive while listening to “Golden Hour.” Currently JVKE’s song, “Golden Hour” is number 54 on “Billboard Hot 100.” Fans can’t wait to see what music he writes next.

“Golden Hour” makes me feel on top of the world, honestly,” Gwin said. “It makes me imagine how great and fun and amazing falling in love must be…I love it!”