MSG Sphere


Photo Courtesy of DesignBloom

Future Finish of the MSG Sphere

Trevor Page, Jounalist

A new entertainment venue called the MSG Sphere is coming to Las Vegas and it’s expected to open in the later half of 2023. The name is perfect for the new venue because it looks like a giant shiny golf ball and is actually sphere-shaped.

According to FOX5 News, the MSG Sphere will have about 17,500 seats, room for 20,000 people to stand, and will have the largest LED screen in the world. It cost over $1.8 billion to build the structure which includes a steel framework. Construction started in 2016, but with the pandemic there were delays with shipping materials which held things up. The MSG Sphere is located near the Venetian resort near the Las Vegas Strip at the corner of Sands Avenue and Koval Lane. The structure is 366 feet tall and the company says it is the largest spherical structure on Earth.

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The Madison Square Garden Company and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation partnered to build this cool place equipped with the latest technology for people to experience live entertainment. Each seat is expected to have the technology that will sound like peoples own personal studio. 

Sophomore Bella Mora says, “I want to go to the Sphere because I can see the artists more clearly and the surroundings would be cool.” says, “U2 will be the first group to perform at the MSG Sphere and will have multiple concerts spread out over a period of time.” 

Sophomore Jazmin Ruiz says” I would like to see Nicki Manji aka the queen of rap perform at the MSG Sphere.”

Construction workers working on the MSG Sphere (Photo Courtesy of: The Nevada Independent )

In addition to different artists coming to perform, the Sphere will be capable of  entertainment that people have not experienced before. This venue will have the ability for people to use VR goggles. According to Blooloop, the idea is to immerse the audience and take them to different places. It’s supposed to feel like people are actually in the place they see. This immersive experience will definitely be a big thing when the time comes.

Mora says, “The only thing I really wonder about it is that how much would the tickets be at a place like this, I’m guessing its going to be expensive.”

Another MSG Sphere is also being constructed in London, England.  The expected completion date of the performance area should be in 2023.