Band Black-Out: Vibrant Sounds


Photo Courtesy of: Chitose Suzuki

Shadow’s marching band is going down in history with this event!

Mikayla Maluyo, Co-Editor in Chief

On October 26th, Shadow Ridge’s band will be putting on the first annual Black-Out event! It will be an outdoor performance on the football field with the addition of glow-in-the-dark items. The band will first perform their show with the lights on. After that, they will perform in pitch-black darkness with glow-in-the-dark accessories to compliment the mood. There is no fee to enter and all are invited to watch. 

As the event is free entry, the band hopes to see everyone there! (Photo Courtesy of: Mr. Hartley)

Mr. Hartley, the band director, has done this event at Las Vegas High School and is ecstatic to begin the tradition at the Ridge.

After seeing how [the event] brought pride, a sense of playfulness to the ensemble, and being able to connect with the LVHS community in ways I never would have imagined,” he explains. “I feel this is something that our Shadow Ridge community would very much enjoy.”

This is not Mr. Hartley’s first time being a Mustang. His first year of teaching band was actually at the Ridge 15 years ago and the opportunity to be back has brought in this exciting event!

Of course, the band itself will experience the event for the very first time. A performance without lights and being able to completely feel the music is what the true goal is.

The event is not only for entertainment. The band also plans to raise funds for the program. (Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge)

Matthew Tucci, the brass captain, has been in band for seven years. He plays the trombone, tuba, and sousaphone. At the event, he will be playing his sousaphone.

“My favorite part will be decorating my sousaphone with glow-in-the-dark rings, sticks, and other fun gear,” Tucci tells. “I’m very excited to be able to perform our entire show in the dark and be among the first to do it here at Shadow.”

With many rehearsals and an abundance of practice on their own time, the band will be performing their show “INFECTED!!”

As it will be the final formal performance for the marching band season, every member of the band hopes for a fun and fulfilling experience. Most performances for band are often scored by judges and is driven by a more competitive spirit. This, though, is a way for the band to lead a high-spirited performance without worrying about a score. 

For me [music] is a way to both express our innermost feelings to others, as well as escape from what is going on in life at the same time.

— Mr. Hartley

Black Eecklor is a co-section leader for flutes, the woodwind captain, and a quartermaster. She has been in band for five years and throughout that time she has played the flute as well as a bit of piccolo. 

“My favorite part of the event will probably be seeing everyone dressed up and glowing as we’re running our show,” Eecklor explains. “I’m super excited for it because it’ll be a fun, laid-back performance that I think the audience will really enjoy.”

All in all, the band hopes to see the stands filled as they perform. It’ll be an event that is vibrant and easy to spot– as the band will be lighting up the night!