Hulk Smashing into She-Hulk: Attorney at Law!


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Newest Marvel character She-Hulk

Layla Williams, Journalist

Marvel has recently put out a new TV series on Disney+ which is “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” starring Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk with appearances by actors made throughout the film such as Mark Ruffalo, who plays Hulk, and Benedict Wong, who plays Wong. 

“She-Hulk:Attorney at Law” surrounds the character Jennifer Walters who is Bruce Banner’s, more commonly known as the Hulk, cousin who suddenly has a normal life and then one day has turned into a superhero now trying to navigate her already complicated life while also dealing with the on coming problems of being a superhero.

Many people, and especially Marvel fans, are aware of Marvel’s newest superhero attorney but just as many have yet to see the series. Though Taylor Leach, a sophomore, and Tony Lamontagne, a junior, both Shadow Ridge students are a part of the few who have seen it and are able to give their insight on what they thought of the series.

“Most of them are good like episodes one through three…” says Lamontagne.

Other viewers might agree with Lamontagne on the point of view that they liked some of the She-Hulk episodes and that while there could be one thing they didn’t take interest in, it still has its good points. Other viewers like Leach seem to disagree with that point of view and think She-Hulk wasn’t a favorable series to watch.

Leach said, “It’s fine but it’s like mid. It’s not like the best thing ever.”

It’s possible that a contributing factor for why some Marvel fans either feel that the series wasn’t the best is because of how the She-Hulk episodes are portrayed and are missing elements compared to other Marvel TV series that have been created in the past. 

“It was missing more action packs because most Marvel movies are full of action and this one is based on episodes and doesn’t have that much action,” Lamontagne claims.

Another question that is pondered by fans and even others is whether She-Hulk will genuinely change the Marvel Cinematic Universe seeing as how other characters throughout the universe have altered it already.

“Most likely… She-Hulk and Bruce will be major parts in the new upcoming Avengers movies,”  Lamontagne says, “In these episodes Bruce has found a way to become human again and She-Hulk is able to change back to her own personality at will .That’s already game changing so they definitely will have major parts in the next movies.”

She-Hulk and Hulk together (Photo Courtesy of Google Images )

Though other fans disagree just like Leach does with this statement and feel that She-Hulk and the Hulk are exactly the same

“No, she’s honestly the same as Hulk… she has exactly the same design, character, and somewhat the same backstory.”

Although fans’ statements may vary based on the person for She-Hulk’s true originality. Manslany states that She-Hulk or Jennifer Walters has “built this life for herself that she does not want to let go of. She’s trained and worked so hard to be a lawyer, and she has to constantly prove herself.” 

“Yes, She very much proves that in the very first two episodes like she doesn’t want to give her life up as a lawyer just to be a hero just to do it anyway but I don’t think it was by her own merit though,” says Lamontagne.

Leach has a difference of opinion and believes that in the beginning the statement might ring true she doesn’t believe that it is throughout all of it.

“Yeah but not through the entire show like it’s true for the first couple episodes but in the later episodes it feels like she’s letting go more and more,” stated Leach.