“Among Us” Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Matthew Boughter, Journalist

The game Among Us, by InnerSloth, has risen to popularity over the past few months with around 4 million players currently. Due to the game’s sudden rise to fame, there are many new and inexperienced players. The following article includes tips and tricks to help beginners successfully conquer this new game during quarantine. Among Us is currently free in the App and Google Play Stores, and $5.00 on Steam.

Among Us is a very simple game. There are 2 groups of players: crewmates and imposters. The goal of the crewmates is to finish tasks, find the imposters, vote them out, and survive. The goal of the imposters is to eliminate all crewmates, sabotage the ship, and not get caught.  Only the imposters know who is a crewmate and who are the imposters. When a dead body is found or when the emergency button is pushed, a meeting starts. Players are gathered in the cafe to discuss who they think the imposter is and they vote on who to vote out of the round. 

Crewmates are the most common side to get since they are the majority of the players. There are usually 7-10 crewmates per 2-3 imposters. 

The game offers visual tasks to the players. These are special tasks that everyone can watch and will prove a player to be a crewmate. In the Skeld map, there are 4 visual tasks: med scan, weapons, trash chute, and shields. When players see someone do a visual task, they need to bring it up during meetings, so that the crewmates aren’t falsely accused. 

A good strategy to use for beginner players is to stay in large groups so the imposter can’t eliminate them. Beginning players could also follow a player who is completing a visual task, but they need to be careful because the player completing a task might think someone who is following them is also trying to eliminate them. 

When a player is eliminated, they turn into a ghost. As a ghost, players can do tasks quickly and more efficiently, since the ghost can glide through walls and move much faster than if they were alive. If a player wanst to win the game, it is best to finish tasks as a ghost since there isn’t much a ghost can do other than completing tasks. 

Players need to keep a close eye on the vents. If someone hops out of a vent, they are 100 percent an imposter, since only imposters can use vents.  A very popular, but dangerous, strategy is to sit in security and watch on the cameras for imposters to vent. The downfall to this strategy is that players can be killed easily since they can’t see anything but the cameras. Crewmates can be locked in security and killed.

Imposters are the rarest, yet most favored side to get. As the impostor, players should try to eliminate people who have been proven to be crewmates and players who are very perceptive and suspicious. The objective of the Imposter is to get crewmates to question each other and ignore the Imposter.

Tip #1: Imposters should try to sabotage! Imposters can sabotage by opening their map and choosing what to sabotage. Every sabotage gives the Imposters an advantage because they split players up, visually impair them, and get them moving if they are just all standing in a group. 

Tip #2: Imposters should try to fake nonvisual tasks once in a while to blend in with crewmates. Imposters shouldn’t move around when they are faking because then it’s obvious that they are faking the task.

Tip #3: Imposters need to be careful when and where they vent. If a crewmate sees the Imposter vent, they will be able to identify the Imposter and they will run to the emergency button. The Imposter will then have to race to eliminate the crewmate before the crewmate can hit the button.