The Wilds Season 2

Aryssa Gallardo, Campus Life Editor

The Wilds just released their second season on May 6th and have once again left their fans on a cliff-hanger. The series was first released to Amazon Prime Video on December 11, 2020, and instantly drew the attention of many people who love dramas. It also received many positive reviews and praise from critics for its writing, performances, and plot.

The show takes place in the year 2020 and it revolves around how a group of nine teenage girls from completely different backgrounds find themselves stranded on a remote island. They are completely oblivious to the fact that they’ve just become the subjects of an elaborate social experiment. All of them originally thought that they were going to Hawaii for the Dawn of Eve program (a young women’s empowerment retreat) but had a rude awakening when their plane crashed and they were left to fend for themselves.

Season One Poster (Photo Courtesy of: @thewildsonprime on Instagram)

“My sister and I had seen stuff about this show on social media and thought it looked interesting so we decided to watch it. We ended up really liking it, as the storyline was very engaging,” says senior, Erika Gallardo.

Rachel, Noral, Martha, Toni, Shelby, Dot, Leah, Fatin, and Jeanette work together to try and survive on the island. They learn about each other and are forced to get accustomed to their new lives. Viewers get to see flashback scenes that show the girls’ lives before the crash and flashforward scenes where they are all getting interviewed by two men that claim to be FBI agents after their supposed rescue. Also shown is Gretchen Klein (the organizer of the Dawn of Eve program) and how she monitors the girls through cameras that are hidden throughout the island. In this season the teenage girls find out more about the island and they gain new survival skills.

The way that they filmed the show is unique because the viewers get to see the different perspectives of each girl, but were also left wondering what was going to happen next. When the news came out about the second season it caused so much excitement amongst the viewers. Something changed though. In the trailer, it was revealed that the girls weren’t the only victims of the experiment. The Twilight of Adam group was also responsible for a group of teenagers that were going on a “retreat” but this time, the plane was filled with eight boys. This shocked the fans because they hadn’t expected the focus of the show to be split between these two groups.

Much like the first season, viewers get to learn the backstories of the characters Raf, Seth, Kirin, Josh, Henry, Scotty, Bo, and Ivan. The boys lasted less time than the girls did on the island and the same FBI agents try to find out what led them to fail. Of course, there are huge differences between how the group of girls and guys act, which is why the experiment was conducted in the first place. The final episode in season two had a bunch of twists and turns and left viewers on the edge of their seats. “I enjoyed how they incorporated a different idea for this second season. It definitely added more drama, and it was very interesting to watch,” Gallardo explains.

Amazon has not yet renewed The Wilds for a season 3, but since they have a pretty good track record for renewing most of their shows, fans might receive some follow-up news in the future.