AP Studio Art Drawing: Behind the Beauty


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

AP Drawing has its benefits and allows for students to be recognized for their work

Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist

Artists around the Ridge are not recognized enough for their dedication to the beautiful artwork that they display to the public. One of the many classes that are offered within the course catalog for those with an artistic touch is AP Drawing. 

“School Devours” — a piece from Maluyo’s portfolio in progress (Photo Courtesy of: Jason Maluyo)

In AP Drawing, students are to build their portfolio in any medium they prefer while being surrounded by others who are working as well. 

Mr. Weigand, the AP Drawing instructor, has been teaching the course for five years now. In those years, he has seen so many creative students come and go.

“[What’s most enjoyable is being able to] see students create such beautiful works of art in their own style and medium,” he explains.

The class is majorly structured around the portfolio that students must submit to College Board. In that, each piece is set to have a three-week deadline. The pace of the class is liked by a multitude of students as they are able to move at their own pace when in that timeframe. Even so, there are some that may struggle with managing their time as well. Balancing core classes may be a struggle as one must spend hours drawing and creating pieces for a portfolio. Despite that, though, the environment of the class is independent. 

Jason Maluyo, a junior in AP Drawing, loves the class and appreciates its atmosphere.

“Our environment is really quiet,” Maluyo tells. “It helps me concentrate. Everyone also just does their own thing, which is very nice.”

There is not much teaching that goes on in the classroom because of its independent aspect. Students are largely expected to know of their style and to know which mediums they are most comfortable with. Even as the class is not really described as difficult, the expectations that tie into “AP” are still apparent.

“School Limits” — apart of Maluyo’s portfolio as well (Photo Courtesy of: Jason Maluyo)

“Students who are interested in the class should be skilled and highly motivated to create their own artwork with a voice and a style,” Weigand says. 

Having said that, students should also be aware of the benefits of the class. A student is able to receive college credit for many colleges across the country. CSN and UNLV are two of the many that are on the list. The class itself is a good headstart for those who may be majoring in any subject within the arts. It increases the chances of getting into an art school and ultimately improves both your artistic skill and time management. Its grade weight on one’s transcript is at 0.050 as well.