Evolution of Tik Tok Trends


Photo Courtesy of: @thegendrbendr on Tik Tok

Amazing illusion work in the [adult swim] trend!

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

Everyone sees them, and some even participate. Over the past 3 years, Tik Tok trends have come and go, bringing new recipes, dances, and sometimes dangerous activities along with them. Everyone has their favorites, and obviously least favorites, but it’s so fun to see how these trends have evolved over time!

Over the pandemic, most people spent a lot of time online, interacting with one another, and because of this, so many new trends were born. Especially with the rise of Tik Tok, it became easier for people to participate in the trends, but, over the past few years, the trends have evolved from fun things to make and try, to pranks and various tasks!

Yummy Whipped Coffee, also known as Dalgona Coffee! (Photo Courtesy of: @coffeedbybella on Tik Tok)

Starting with possibly the most popular Tik Tok trend like, ever, “The Renegade.” This dance took the entire clock app by storm until everyone and their momma had this dance down to a tee. Tik Tokers known for their impressive dancing skills, like Charlie D’amelio, had video after video of them and their friends doing the dance and urging others to hop on the band wagon too!

Moving on from dances, many people took up, or at least tried to take up, cooking and baking. Two popular edible trends were cloud bread and whipped coffee. Cloud bread was easy enough to make. It consists of multiple eggs in a little bit of flour, then bake.

Whipped coffee was exactly what it sounds like. Instant coffee that was whipped until fluffy. When these trends became popular, no one could scroll on Tik Tok without seeing and aesthetic video of someone making either treat. “I never tried it but it looked good,” says sophomore Alexis Ayento.

Of course along with the fun ones, there have been some not so good trends either. One specific trend that surfaced with the return of in person school was the “devious licks.” This trend was where students would try and steal as many things as they could from their school. The stolen items ranged from small things like staplers and soap dispensers, to students stealing microscopes and supposedly an entire bathroom stall.

“I had a sign outside my classroom door that had my undergrad degree […] someone stole it,” says English Teacher and Journalism Advisor, Mrs. Smith.

But even throughout all of the stressful and not so fun trends, the people of Tik Tok have still managed to have a good time, joining in others on the platform to create.  From the looks of it, Tik Tok trends are going to be around for a while!

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