Maluyo Makes His Mark


Photo Courtesy of: Jason Maluyo

Maluyo’s journey through artistry has not yet ended

Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist

From painting to digital art, Jason Maluyo, junior, allows himself to express the ideas that always seem to be overlooked. He tells of his culture and issues in the world that do not get enough spotlight through each piece of art that he creates.

Maluyo first started indulging in art at 8 or 9 years old. In elementary school, he would watch anime-style sketching videos and from there, his interest would continue. He would explore shading involved in creating portraits while also doing free/paid commissions to further his artistic ability.

An artist’s journey can sometimes be tiring and lengthy. Everyone has their own struggles when it comes to compensating for what they may be fascinated with. 

“I struggle the most in time management,” Maluyo explains. “Art takes time, and having to squeeze art while having to deal with school work is always time-consuming.”

Maluyo’s portfolio consists of various pieces. From third grade to the present, many have seen his designs become more complicated and detailed. Despite experiencing others looking down on him, he proudly stands where he is with his progress. Maluyo seeks beauty in what others may look at as painful and views a message that he looks through his indescribable lense.

Vhea Velayo, junior, is a friend of Maluyo’s who also has experience in art; his medium being photography. Although their styles may differ, recognizing each other as artists in multiple aspects creates a specific dynamic between them.

“[Maluyo’s] art style is unique in his own way,” Velayo tells. “How he crafts something, his thought process, and years of effort lead to the creations that we value and stare at in amazement.”

To share his art, he has TikTok and Instagram. His TikTok is @baboyjj while his Instagram is @baboysart. Maluyo also sells stickers and hoodies, among other things on which his art is printed. He uses the platform of RedBubble to spread his artwork onto numerous products. His shop is called BaboyJMart. 

Maluyo’s shop can be found on RedBubble under the name BaboyJMart (Photo Courtesy of: BaboyJMart)

Because he knew his passion from such a young age, Maluyo’s friends and family have been able to see him grow as both a person and an artist. Even with mixed opinions from people in his life, Maluyo looks back with a smile.

“I think his art is very nice,” Shay Ababa, junior, states. “I like it [because] it’s my kind of art personally and it’s cool.”

Of course, even with his enjoyment of art now, Maluyo tries to also take in realistic expectations.

“Art will become irrelevant to me at some time,” Maluyo says. “[Even so], I will… have art with me for my future job. I want to major in architecture and, ideally, secure a… career with it through my designs.”