Photo Courtesy of: Kaliyah Luna

Sharetea (Spring Mountain Location)

Share Tea is fairly new to the Las Vegas area. First established in 1992, Sharetea chose to first come to Las Vegas in late 2019. Although they only have one location here, they are very busy. Every time I’ve been to their location in Spring Mountain they almost always have a line out the door. 

Sharetea drink (Photo Courtesy of: Kaliyah Luna)

When I first arrived at Sharetea the staff greeted me at the door very politely. They required all customers and staff to wear masks. In addition to their mask mandate they also did not have their lounging open. Inside there was strictly a line and even their bathroom was closed. The line was the longest part of my trip. The process of customers ordering multiple drinks each, took quite a bit of time. Although it was hectic in the shop, the staff still managed to uphold great customer service. Surprisingly enough, they too asked me how my day was. The ordering process took no longer than a minute and I was off to do more waiting for my drink. When I received my drink, the staff member and I exchanged some kind words, and I left to go enjoy my drink. Socially distanced from others, I chose to walk around with family so we could spend some time together. 

Again, I chose to get a medium Peach Green Tea with Lychee and Boba with regular sweetness and ice levels. This drink was not like any other. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and toppings that were added. Every aspect of the drink was able to compliment each other and make the drink more enjoyable.

Overall, I 100% recommend Sharetea for anyone and everyone. Although it was a further distance for an Aliante local, it was worth it. The people who were there were so kind and the plaza it was located in was absolutely beautiful at night. They had a wider and more customizable menu in comparison to No.1 Boba Tea, but their prices were relatively in the same range. With their menu options, customer service, and beautiful scenery, I would choose Sharetea over No. 1 Boba Tea.

Sharetea gets 9/10 boba teas.