No.1 Boba Tea


Photo Courtesy of: Kaliyah Luna

No. 1 Boba Aliante Location

No. 1 Boba Tea is a Las Vegas local favorite. Their famous boba can be found all over Las Vegas with nine locations total in Las Vegas alone. The business first began in 1998 as Las Vegas’ first boba tea shop! They first began at their location in Chinatown and have since grown tremendously. 

No.1 Boba Tea drink (Photo Courtesy of: Kaliyah Luna)

Not only are their drinks delightful, so is their staff! When I arrived at No. 1 Boba Tea’s location in Aliante, I was greeted very politely by the staff. The man taking my order kindingly asked how my day was as I did the same. Inside looked a little different from previous times I’ve been there. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, lounging was not available as they had all their seating arranged against the wall. After observing their shop for less than two minutes, my drink had already been completed. They handed it to me with a smile and I headed on my way out to enjoy my drink in the car.

I chose to get a medium Peach Green Tea with Lychee and Boba. To keep the playing field fair between the two shops, I chose to get the regular amount of sweetness and ice in my drink. Even with no added sugar, my drink was unfortunately still very sweet. On the plus side, the lychee and boba complimented both the peach flavor, and they brought out the flavor in each other.

Overall, I would recommend No. 1 Boba Tea to anyone who is a first time Boba drinker. They have a wide selection of drinks, which includes a vegan menu, and they offer impeccable service and beverages for a great price! 

No.1 Boba Tea gets 7 /10 boba teas.