Omega Mart: The Greatest ‘Store’ in the World!

Video Courtesy of: Bella Hawkins

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

At the popular entertainment and event complex, Area 15, there are many fun games, museums, and activities to participate in. But, one of their most popular attractions by far is the famous Omega Mart. The interesting and unusual “store” sports various items, such as “Tattoo Chicken,” “Dehydrated Water,” “Caribbean Fiesta Font,” and “Mammal Liquid.” Walking around said “store” is sure to warrant some delightful confusion. Omega Mart customers are also encouraged to try and uncover the ‘DramCorp’ mystery.

Papers are scattered around the back of Omega Mart. Try and solve the mystery of Dram Corp! (Photo Courtesy of: Bella Hawkins)

Admission to the fabulous store is $49 for adults and $45 for children, seniors, and military. But, showing local ID such as a driver’s permit or license allows for discounts. On the outside of the attraction there are pictures of some of the items and things that the store “sells” although some of them are not for sale, or are only decorations, but, there are many things in the exhibit to enjoy besides the collectibles.

“I absolutely loved it,” says junior, Ran Angel Generosa. “[…] it was my first time ever in an interactive art museum. I was so shocked everytime I turned a corner  to find myself in a whole new world.”

At one glance, the store looks completely normal. The shelves are stocked and the coolers are filled. But after a closer look, the weird and the unexpected start to become more pronounced. instead of the popular brand ‘L’Croix’, they have ‘L’Omega’, with flavors like ‘Plain Plain’ and ‘Dispassion Fruit’. But by far the strangest thing in the fabulous supermarket are the various secret tunnels, pathways, and entrances. Walking behind the meat counter, through a camping tent, or even through a cooler holding drinks will introduce the extensive catacomb like area. 

“It was really fun and I had no idea what I was getting into so everything was a surprise,” says junior, Adam Gay.

There are many sections in the back area, and all of them are unique in their own way. There are some rooms that are colorful and bright from the flashing lights, while others are more mellow and calm. But, all the rooms have activities, like lasers that make a noise when they are covered, or a strobe light room that takes pictures to display on the walls.

There are lots of phones that can be found around the backrooms of Omega Mart. Some work and even have hidden messages. (Photo Courtesy of: Bella Hawkins)

“There is a point in the museum where it’s pretty spacious and dark. […] The lights get all crazy and these lucid and “trippy” images appear on the wall. I can’t even explain how they looked since each one was different[..] a lot of them resembled something almost Galactic and unworldly,” says Generosa.

“Also, the musical lasers that when you touched them would make a noise,” says Gay. The lasers were one of the sections in the exhibit, found in a dark room. When the laser was covered, it would make a sound. The sound would vary from laser to laser, some being closer to music notes while others were similar to alien noises.

There is so much more to be found inside the out-of-this-world exhibit. Mystery, aliens, strange meats are all just parts of Omega Mart, the greatest ‘store’ in the world.