The Start of Libra Season


Courtesy of: Google Images

The famous “scales”, showing Libra’s balance.

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

Calling all Libras! Libra season officially started on September 22nd and goes through the 23rd of October. Libra, meaning “scales” in Latin, is the 7th sign of the zodiac, and the last of the 3 air signs. Along with this, the “scales” are also the only inanimate object of the zodiacs. The charismatic sign falls under Venus, the planet of love and expression, meaning that Libras are often sensual and fair. 

The Libra zodiac is a constellation, as all other zodiacs are as well. The sign spans 180 degrees to 210 degrees celestial longitude.

The Libra constellation, seen above, is the 29th biggest constellation. (Courtesy of: Google Images)

The Goddess Libra is known as the Goddess of Truth and Justice, hence the scales mentioned earlier. Because of thist, Libra’s are often seen as very fair people, but this can also cause them to be very indecisive as well. 

“I’m indecisive, from what I’ve heard, Libra’s are pretty trustworthy. I’ve heard that we’re quiet but at the same time- like we’re- we tend to be ambiverts. Those are the only real stereotypes that I’ve heard,” says junior, Savannah Wagner.

When it comes to Libras, there is much to know about the special sign. There are many specific traits, skills, and stereotypes that come with the sign of balance and love. Oftentimes, Libras are extroverted and seen as very friendly. They are also very charming, making them very approachable.

Libras are also people pleasers, which can be both a positive and negative trait to have. While they strive to make sure everyone is happy, this can also drag them down. They are often subject to giving up their one happiness for the benefit of others. Due to Libra’s love of beauty, they are also good decorators and admire things of exquisite taste and beauty. This applies to many things in a Libra’s life, from living spaces to relationships as well.

“I think the sign I get along with the least has to be Aries, I butt heads with Aries a lot ahaha!” says junior, Olivia Bryant. And according to Allure Magazine, Bryant’s intuition is working for her. Aries are often more self centered and competitive, which clashes with Libra’s “people pleaser” tendencies. Because of this, Aries is also considered Libra’s “opposite.” Along with Aries, Libra’s don’t tend to get along with Virgo’s well either.

Um, well, I think other Libras are pretty cool. My best friend is a Libra as well. She’s kinda crazy, but that’s okay I guess. Most other Libras are pretty chill. Nice to hang out with, fun.

— Savannah Wagner

“Virgo. Virgo and Aries, Aries men specifically, if you want to be super specific,” says Wagner. Virgos can often be seen as judgmental and sometimes quite blunt, which does not work well with Libra’s indecisive nature. The two signs will often clash because of this.

There are many famous Libra’s that people all know and love. Famous influencers like Kim Kardashian, born October 21st, Addison Rae, born October 6th, and Bella Hadid, born October 9th, are all Libras.

There are also a variety of actors and actresses who are Libra’s, including Noah Schnapp, born October 3rd, and Zac Efron, born October 18th. A few favorite singers and rappers are also Libra’s, including  Cardi B, who was born October 11th, Doja Cat, born on October 21st, and Jimin from BTS, who’s birthday falls on October 13th. While some Libra’s may not be known world wide, they still have just as much impact on people’s daily lives.

“My mom, and my best friend,” says Wagner. “Well I kinda wouldn’t be alive without my mom […] and my best friend has been the one to get me through the last two years, so, yeah.” says Wagner.

Many people have close friends who are Libra’s, because of their loving and friendly nature. It’s easy to get along with them, and they attract friends easily as well. 

“Definitely my best friend Julia, she keeps me so level headed and we are like yin and yang!” says Bryant. 

Libras are a very special, intuitive, and charming sign. They attract and crave beautiful things, and are easy to befriend. There are many lucky people that have Libras in their lives.