Ash Aims for Activism

Ash Enciso encourages others to start speaking out about issues

Photo Courtesy of: Ash Enciso

Ash Enciso encourages others to start speaking out about issues

Mikayla Maluyo, Journalist

Ash Enciso, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School, is an advocate for topics that are commonly overlooked and has a strong passion for activism. Enciso’s social media outlets have been taken over by activism ever since she realized how many issues were circling around her. From the Black Lives Matter movement to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, she aspires to make a change and help spread awareness on issues that do not get as much recognition as they should. As many people have a specific drive for wanting to do something, she has her own as well.

“What drives me to speak about those topics is my passion and desire to help,” Enciso says. “I also like to express my opinions vocally so people know what I stand for. I want to show them that I want to make a difference.”

Enciso’s passion continues to run deep with multiple injustices only now being shown the light. She utilizes the internet to stay up to date with the most crucial parts of the news and spreads positive messages on her own social media. Her main focus is becoming a safe space for people who may seem out of place or excluded from the “norms” that seem to take place in every corner. Enciso is pushing for a new student association at the Ridge to continue her fight for change.

Ash Enciso is very passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community (Photo Courtesy of: Ted Eytan)

“The principal is trying to make a student advisory group where we discuss what changes should be made in school and any suggestions that go along with that,” Enciso says. “We would be able to discuss anything we see as a problem and collectively voice our opinions on different issues we see around school.”

Taking a stand and knowing being confident in what she prioritizes is what sets Enciso apart from the rest. Enciso views being outspoken as more of an advantage and she explains that even when relationships strain because of it, she has realized that being secure in herself is what her main goal is. 

I will never apologize for speaking out about things that bother me and others.”

— Ash Enciso

She also expresses how activism is vital in creating a comfortable environment for every person in each community. With the people in the world constantly reinventing themselves and those around them, there are always going to be many disagreements and conflicts that stem from core beliefs. 

“I think that activism and standing up for what I believe in is important because if I don’t do it, who else will?” Enciso says. “There’s always going to be someone who says, ‘I’ll just leave it to someone else,’ and it never happens.”