Tackle! Touchdown! Shadow Ridge Flag Football


Photo Courtesy of: Dyva Jones

Flag Football Team Photo

Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor

Coach Nighswonger, and senior Dyva Jones express their appreciation for all of the Raiders’ help in supporting local high school flag football programs. The Raiders’ are helping flag football teams all across the Clark County area from exposure, combines, camps, and training camps the Raiders’ are teaching the girls many important skills to improve. 

Many opportunities have been given to the flag football teams. For Shadow Ridge specifically, they have held a combine, invited them to watch a training camp practice, invited them to the Josh Jacobs camp, and they are even hosting Shadow’s All Star Game. At all of these events the girls can learn ways to improve on the field, so they can become the best they can. 

“Their help definitely means a lot. I know my teammates and I have taken different things away from every person we’ve met, every activity, every workout, and even down to the stretches. Some of my footwork, routes, and releases come from watching the Raiders and just learning and retaining information,” states Jones. 

Jones is grateful that she is able to learn even the littlest things, to help improve her game. Both Jones and Nighswonger are excited to play harder teams that will make them better, and learn more about the sport and each other. 

“It’s always great to play our rival, Arbor (No) View. I’m also excited to play Green Valley at least twice this year. They are the best team in the state the past two seasons and it will be good to see how we compare,” explains Nighswonger. 

Going up against more difficult teams is exciting and seeing how much the team has improved from prior years is always a bonus. Whether they win or lose, having the girls become better student athletes is always the main goal. 

Jones is willing to play anywhere she is needed, but her main positions are safety and wide receiver. She loves to learn more about the game, and applying it to real life. Her main goal for this season is to break records, become state champions, bond with teammates, and earn a scholarship. 

“I chose safety because my favorite thing to do on defense is pick the ball off. I love interceptions. They bring joy. Playing  wide receiver has definitely bettered me on both sides of the ball and I enjoy learning something new about this position every time I step on the field, or watch games on TV, and even social media, and taking little things and practicing because I know it’s going to make me a better player!!” exclaimed Jones.

Flag Football season is about to begin. Intramurals are Tuesdays and Fridays 2 – 4:15 on the softball field. Athletes who are interested should bring cleats and lots of water.  Coach Nighswonger is in room 815 and he’ll be happy to answer any questions.