Introducing The Lariat’s Resident Comic, Senior Sarah Garcia


One of Sarah’s favorite pieces

Violet Flanagan, Journalist, Features Editor

Sarah Garcia is a senior at Shadow Ridge, resident comic for The Lariat, and a very talented individual. She’s been making art since she was a kid and has proven to be very helpful to The Lariat staff. 

Starting soon, Garcia will be making weekly/monthly comics that will be found on The Lariat website.

“I’ve been drawing since I can remember but just a few years ago I started drawing without reference pictures,” Garcia said. 

Over the years, her skills have developed. Taking inspiration from other artists and art she see’s on social media, she grew into a unique art style. 

“I think the thing that inspires me to do art is the thought of being able to put everything I imagine in my head on a medium and letting others see what I see.” she explained.

“Pretty art is the thing that inspires my art, just artists that I see in social media or around me let me see how beautiful art can be, and if I try my best I’ll probably get there someday.”

Though she has no specific plans after graduation, she hopes to take her passion for art with her when she graduates and continue exploring different avenues of creativity. 

“After graduation, let me tell you I honestly don’t know. I’ve always wanted to make my own stories into anime or cartoons but I also want to keep working on other mediums like paintings, ceramics, even crocheting, etc. Also my situation is not the best when it comes to colleges or fancy schools so I’m still thinking. But I do hope one day I live by the bottom of a mountain in a cute house in a small town with many pets. That’s about it. I don’t know how I’ll get there but I’ll try my best.” 

Garcia has a lot of art to view on her Instagram, @hypnozsz.