Marching to the Beat of a New Drum


Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Hadfield

Shadow Ridge’s Marching Band

Abigail Davis, Campus Life Editor

The Shadow Ridge Marching Band is buzzing with excitement over the new equipment it will be using next year. They have received an all new drumline and audio equipment for amplification. They also will be replacing old frames on equipment that had been heavily used. With marching band being out of commission this whole year, this is exciting news for marching band students next year. 

“My plan is to have a season this fall and to have fun. Make sure students are able to have an experience performing since we didn’t this school year. My hope is to have a good show and to perform well at competitions this October,” Mr. Hadfield, the Marching Band Director, shares.

Mr. Hadfield is anticipating that marching band next year won’t be that different from previous years. Like always, they’ll have a show and learn the drill to it. However, Mr. Hadfield says that it might be a little tricky getting things started again after not really doing marching band for over a year and a half.

Unfortunately for seniors, they will not get to enjoy this new equipment for next year.

I’m a little sad I won’t get to use any of the new equipment, but I hope they enjoy it to the fullest.”

— Nyssa Bihasa

Nyssa Bihasa, senior, says, “I’m a little sad I won’t get to use any of the new equipment, but I hope they enjoy it to the fullest.”

Gabriel Lopez, senior, adds, “I just hope they treat the equipment well and that it lasts the band a long time.”

This upgrade to the marching band is much needed as the marching band is there to support sports like football and basketball. With their playing and dedication to being there, the marching band can rile up the audience and cheer on Shadow Ridge’s team. They perform on and off of campus, in out-of-state field trips, festivals, and more.

Mr. Hadfield encourages students to join in on the fun Shadow Ridge’s marching band. “It’s fun! You get to hang with your friends, make music, go on field trips and competitions, and be involved with school activities throughout campus.”

Marching band requires musical skills as well as the awareness of movement within time and space. Moving and playing an instrument is a physical workout and not to mention, very challenging at times. It all pays off though when the band looks amazing, especially with their new equipment, and creates music together.

While Mr. Hadfield claims that there are too many marching band memories to choose a favorite from, he does mention, “Seeing my student’s reaction when they accomplish and improve throughout the season, especially at competitions,” ranks among the top.